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Surgical masks remain mandatory

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Ein Piktogramm, das auf die Maskenpflicht verweist.
Bild von einem Pärchen an einer Bushaltestelle. Die Frau wird dabei vom Mann Huckepack genommen.
  • sprinti

    sprinti is the new on-demand shuttle service in the Hannover region, which is on the road for you in the cities of Sehnde and Springe as well as in the municipality of Wedemark. The pilot project will initially be offered until the end of 2024.

  • Price overview

    Whether you travel occasionally by bus, tram or train, are in training or commute for work: In our tabular overview you will find the prices for all GVH tickets. This allows you to make a good comparison across all products and makes it easier for you to find the offer that suits you best.

  • Frequent passengers

    For people who regularly travel by bus and train in the GVH area, our monthly passes and subscription offers are worthwhile. To help you find the right ticket quickly and easily, here is an overview of our range of tickets for frequent travelers. Subscribers also benefit from a special advantage: With the GVH subscription, you have the opportunity…

News from the GVH

  • GVH Pickaback weeks

    From 1 September until 15 November the GVH promotion "Pickaback weeks" takes place. With a GVH subscription of the Monthly pass (also in Regional tariff), Corporate pass, Corporate pass S and M or Senior pass subscription you can take a companion and up to three children with you during the…
    Bild von einem Pärchen an einer Bushaltestelle. Die Frau wird dabei vom Mann Huckepack genommen.
  • The GVH 9-Euro-Ticket

    The coalition on national level has agreed that passengers in trams and buses will be disburdened by the introduction of a „9-Euro-Ticket“. The Ticket is a Monthly pass and it will be available for the months June, July and August 2022 for 9 euros per month.
    Bundesweites Kampagnenmotiv für das 9-Euro Ticket.