Connected in order to connect

You can imagine the local public transport in the Hanover region like a tightly woven network: 170 bus lines, 12 city tram lines, 9 regional and 9 suburban train lines provide good connections everywhere – in the city centers as well as in the surroundings and between the individual municipalities and small towns. The focus is always on the passenger: He gets quickly, conveniently and cost effectively to his destination. A total of more than 200 million GVH customers appreciate this offer every year (the following video is available in German language only).

Strong partners

In the Hanover region there are currently six transport companies offering an attractive public transportation:

  • The buses and trams of the ÜSTRA Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe Aktiengesellschaft run in the city of Hanover and in some neighboring cities and municipalities.
  • The vehicles of the regiobus Hannover GmbH run particularly in the surroundings but some lines as well into the city center of Hanover.
  • The DB Regio AG provides fast connections within the region with its regional and suburban train network.
  • The trains of the metronom Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH run on the route Uelzen-Hanover-Göttingen as well as with the new enno regional trains on the line Hanover-Lehrte-Gifhorn-Wolfsburg.
  • The erixx GmbH („Heidesprinter“) covers the so-called "Heidekreuz" on the route section Walsrode to Hanover and from Hanover to Derneburg and Bad Harzburg.
  • The WestfalenBahn GmbH runs with its new vehicles on the Minden (Westf.)-Stadthagen-Haste-Wunstorf-Hanover-Lehrte-Hämelerwald-Peine-Braunschweig line.

All transport companies hold shares in the association, which is registered as "Großraum-Verkehr Hannover GmbH (GVH)"  in the Commercial Register. The major shareholder and sole client is the "Region Hannover". Ulf-Birger Franz is conducting the business.

Good network

The offers of all transport companies are perfectly matched to each other: That means for instance that the departure times of many buses comply with the arrival times of the trams. In this case passengers are able change means of transport quickly and without any complications and do not have long waiting times. As well in smaller towns, at the weekends and on public holidays or late at night, the GVH partners care for your mobility. Where buses and trams do not run anymore, there are mini buses or taxis available for the passengers – in some cases even to the front door. A standard tariff applies in all buses and trams of the transport companies. Customers need only one ticket and can use the entire GVH area. Tickets are available in many service and sales centers in the region, at the vending machines and online.


A high degree of flexibility

The GVH is the second-oldest transport association in Germany and at the same time one of the most modern. In the past around five decades, it has always kept pace with the changing mobility demands of the customers: The vehicle fleet for example is constantly modernized and the passenger information extended by modern technology such as the timetable app or interactive maps. Furthermore the ticket range is being increasingly differentiated: Whether Short trip tickets (Kurzstreckenkarten), Day tickets for groups up to 5 persons (Tageskarte Gruppe), passes for passengers over 60 or corporate subscriptions – the GVH offers its customers always the right products. The interrelationship between various modes of transport is of increasing importance: Many people in the Hanover region combine buses and trams with their car, the bike or a car-sharing service. For them, the GVH provides individual and flexible solutions.

A great responsibility

The GVH attaches great importance to offer its services as well to passengers with impaired mobility. For this reason, almost each tram stop has a high-level platform. And as well most of the buses facilitate travelling, entering and leaving. Special trainings convey valuable help and take the fear. Who uses the public transport, protects the environment. The attractive GVH offer helps to reach the ambitious climate protection targets of the Region Hannover. For example the modern vehicle technology, which is used in hybrid buses or in case of the energy recovery in city trams makes its contribution.