Step by step to the right ticket

Our ticket assistant will help you to find the right ticket the most favorable fare – a few clicks is all it takes: In the first step you note whether you want to travel one day or several days. Next you select whether you travel alone or as a group, as apprentice or as a company employee, as tourist or as student.

In a third step you are offered to choose one or more offers. If you can't find the right offer for you at first view, you can obtain detailed information about each one. Some tickets may as well be purchased directly online in our Mobility shop

Step 1 - HOW LONG?

Please indicate the period of validity your desired ticket should have. Would you like to make just one journey or at the most travel a whole day with us? Or do you know already that you need a ticket regularly for a longer period of time? Please select the period of validity here:

just several days
longer time

Step 2 - FOR WHOM?

Thank you very much for the first information! Now we would like to ask you for whom the desired ticket is. Are you travelling alone or as a group? Are you visiting the GVH area or do you live here? Which age category you belong to? This information helps us to choose the proper products out of our range for you. Please indicate here, who will use the ticket:


Thank you very much! Now you can see all options from the GVH range that are potentially suitable for your individual needs. Please choose the most optimal one. If you are still unsure which ticket is the right one for you, please click the information symbol in front of the product name. There you will receive detailed information on all tickets. We hope you have a pleasant journey!