GVH tariff reform on January 1st 2020

Information on the tariff reform

The Großraum-Verkehr Hannover (GVH) will implement a tariff reform on 01.01.2020. This reform will comprise several sub-measures. Here you will find the most relevant information summarized in advance.

The main changes in brief

1. Adjustment of the tariff zones for "tickets" and "cards": as from 01.01.2020 there will be only three tariff zones left (A – B – C). The current zones for cards "Hannover 1" and "Hannover 2" will be merged to one tariff zone – in analogy to today's ticket zone "Hannover". That will make the new tariff structure much easier.

2. Introduction of discounted season tickets for the current tariff zones "Umland" (new: zone B) and "Region" (new: zone C): the fare for weekly or monthly season tickets of the GVH tariff which are not valid in the city of Hanover will be significantly reduced. This is associated with the fact that outside the state capital the range of transportation is less extensive. This will make the new tariff structure fairer.

3. Introduction of the Regional tariff also available as GVH Mobile Card as corporate subscription (new: Corporate pass) and GVH Mobile Card as multiple subscription (new: Corporate pass M and Corporate pass S).

Many employers employ people who live within the GVH Regional tariff. The offer is now much easier and attractive for these people.

4. Abolition of the GVH Mobile Card 6 months subscription: The six months subscription is not offered any longer because of low demand. This will make the tariff offer more efficient and transparent.

5. Introduction of unitary 1. class-surcharges for several tariff zones: This also makes the tariff offer more efficient and transparent.

6. Extension of the validity of the GVH School Card (new: School pass): as from 01.01.2020 the School pass will be valid within the entire tariff area of the GVH (zones ABC). The limitation to zones, relevant for way to school, is not applicable. The School pass can in this case also be used during the holidays. This ensures more flexible options for use and simplifies as well this product.

7. The special tariff "Barsinghausen" will no longer be provided. This as well simplifies the tariff offer.

8. As from 01.01.2020 on the sprinter lines 300, 500 and 700 belonging to the regiobus Hannover GmbH the Short trip tariff (new: Short trip ticket) will as well apply within the city area. It includes five stations by bus or respectively three stations by city railway. This is fairer for clients.

9. Today's carnet tickets will be offered in future independently of the area of application as 6 trip ticket. This change once again provides a more transparent range of offers.

We compiled any question related to the tariff reform for you here:

General information

Why a tariff reform at all?

Due to the tariff reform, the GVH becomes easier, clearer and fairer. This will be achieved by the combination of the card zones ("Hannover 1" and "Hannover 2" to zone A) and the optimisation of the tariff range.

Do the ticket names and/or tariff zone descriptions change?

An overall concept was worked out for the new designations. This applies to the tickets, the tariff zones and the price categories.

Concerning the tariff zones, the designations change significantly. In future they will be expressed by the letters: A (former: H/H1/H2/Hannover), B (former: U/Umland), C (former: R/Region). These new designations continue in case of the Regional tariff: D (former: OR1/Outer Ring 1), E (former: OR2/Outer Ring 2) and F (former: OR3/Outer Ring 3).

A further significant change will occur relating to the price categories. In the future the price categories will be named like the tariff zones resp. the area of validity. There is thus no pass for one, two or three zones but within the GVH tariff there will be passes for A, B, C, AB, BC or ABC.

The designations for our tickets will change as well. All prices and the new card designations can be find in the price overview.

Where can I get the tickets in future?

The distribution channels will not change. Tickets can still be purchased at the ticket vending machines, in the app, the customer centre and the usual points of sale. Bus drivers will provide a selection of tickets.

Will the new tickets be more expensive?

The prices for Single tickets and Day tickets will probably be marked up within the usual tariff adjustment on 01.01.2020 by an average of 2,1 %. In case of the season passes there is no general price adjustment. Here, changes will result only from the tariff reform resp. the alignment of the tariff zones.

For more than 90 % of the regular customers (season pass users) the prices will remain the same or even fall. Season pass users who to date travelled only within the current tariff zones "Umland" (new: B) and/or "Region" (new: C) will enjoy significant price reductions.

But there will also be customers affected by significantly higher prices, e. g. if they want to travel from the zones "Umland" or "Region" only to the current tariff zone "Hannover 2". Due to the combination of the zones "Hannover 1" and "Hannover 2" to zone A many customers will pay the same like customers who travel to the city centre of Hanover. But it will be possible to move within the entire city area of Hanover (new: zone A).

Where do the new zones end?

The new zones for all tickets conform to today’s ticket zone borders. The borders of the tariff zones in the Regional tariff also remain the same.

Which ticket do I need in future when I want to take my dog with me?

For the carriage of dogs you basically need a Single ticket for children or Day ticket for children. The use of a transferable monthly season pass for one tariff zone (tariff zone B or C) is as well allowed, regardless of the tariff zone(s) crossed. The carriage of a dog instead of a person will still be possible with the Day ticket for groups and within the entrainment regulation of the monthly season pass; for each Day ticket for groups resp. each monthly season pass only one dog can be taken with you.

What to keep into consideration when taking bicycles?

Bicycles may be transported within the GVH tariff area (zones ABC) in all transportation companies Monday to Friday between 08:30 am and 03:00 pm and between 07:00 pm and 06:30 am of the following day as well as Saturday, Sunday and on public holidays whole-time – free of charge.

Outside the above mentioned designated periods, the carriage of bicycles at the regiobus, the SVG and the ÜSTRA is not allowed. If you travel outside the designated periods with the trains of the railway undertakings you need a valid Single ticket, 6 trip ticket or Day ticket for one person for one tariff zone or an additional monthly season pass for one tariff zone (zone B or C) regardless of the tariff zones crossed.

Tickets in the free sale

I use Short trip, Single-, 6 trip-, Group- and/or Day tickets. Does anything change for me?

No, for the current ticket system no changes will occur except the new designations.

Will my "old" GVH tickets be still valid after the tariff reform?

Yes, all GVH tickets, which were purchased in the advance sale, can be used until 31.12.2020.

What will happen to my "old" GVH Mobile Card, which will still be valid after 01.01.2020?

GVH Mobile Cards – from open sale or in the scope of a subscription – will remain valid for the originally fixed period of time. Due to the merging of the current card zones "Hannover 1" and "Hannover 2" to one zone (new: zone A), the H1- and H2-monthly passes are valid all around Hanover (zone A) after the turn of the year 2019/2020.

I have a GVH Mobile Card 1. class. What should I pay attention to in future?

In future there will be lump-sum surcharges for the use of the 1. class for several tariff zones. Thereby price changes can occur.

To date I used GVH Mobile Cards, what should I pay attention to?

Due to the merging of today's card zones "Hannover 1" and "Hannover 2" there will be only three instead of four zones in future (new: A, B and C).

What if I want to travel only within the current zones "Umland" and/or "Region"?

Tickets which are valid longer than one day and only in the tariff zones B (former: "Umland") and/or C (former: "Region"), what means outside the city area of Hanover, will be on offer at a reduced price. This discount is only available for season passes, not for Single-, Day- or 6 trip tickets.


I am a subscriber. What do I have to bear in mind?

Subscribers will be informed about the next steps by post in due course. GVH Mobile Cards with the former zone designation can still be used according to the validity.

GVH Mobile Cards for the hitherto existing card zones "Hannover 1" or "Hannover 2" obtain automatically validity from 01.01.2020 for the entire zone A. The new Monthly passes will be shipped to you via standard mail. An exchange of GVH Mobile Cards by monthly passes with new designation is not required.

I used the GVH Mobile Card 6 months subscription so far, what do I have to bear in mind?

The GVH Mobile Card 6 months subscription will be withdrawn from the market after 01.01.2020 due to the low demand. GVH Mobile Cards 6 months subscription, which are still valid in 2020, remain valid at the old price. If the GVH Mobile Card 6 months subscription is valid for H1 or H2, the area of validity will be enlarged from 01.01.2020 for the new zone A (entire city area of Hanover).

As a result of the amendments I will not use my GVH subscription any longer. What can I do/do I have to do?

Subscribers have a special right of termination they will be advised of in a separate letter. The same rules generally apply in case of a normal tariff change.

How can I change my subscription?

A subscription change is possible only from the first day of the following month and can be done by the subscription centre only. The subscribers request for modification shall be received no later than on the 10th day of the previous month in written form by the GVH subscription centre (Karmarschstraße 30/32, 30159 Hanover; info@gvh.de). In case of changes of the number of zones or the class the price will change accordingly; in these cases you must provide (together with the request of modification) a written consent of the account holder if the account for the debit belongs to someone else.

Will the existing subscriptions be modified automatically on 01.01.2020 or do I have to get a new subscription?

Subscribers will be informed on the further proceedings by post. The adaption of the former range of validity to the new one will take place automatically. The existing GVH Mobile Cards may still be used in spite of the former tariff zone designations within the scope of the validity period.

I use a GVH Mobile Card as corporate subscription (new: Corporate pass), a GVH Mobile Card as multiple subscription (new: Corporate pass M and Corporate pass S) or a GVH JobCard (new: Job pass). Does anything change for me?

Major customers of the GVH will be informed on the further proceedings separately and in a timely manner. In the future customers who to date for example travelled to the GVH tariff border with a ticket of the Lower-Saxony tariff and subsequently used a key account offering, will be able to extend it by the outer rings (new: zones D, E and F), so that the ticket of the Lower-Saxony tariff becomes invalid.

The GVH Mobile Card as corporate subscription resp. GVH Mobile Card as multiple subscription includes now as well the Regional tariff. My company is interested. What has to be done?

For further information, please contact our key account manager:


Violetta Schollmeyer                                       Dominik Heintz

Telefon: 0511 1668-2437                                   Telefon: 0511 1668-2479

E-Mail: violetta.schollmeyer@gvh.de               E-Mail: dominik.heintz@gvh.de


Does anything change for the GVH School Card (new: School pass)?

Yes, from 01.01.2020 School passes are valid all-the-year (also during the holidays) within the entire GVH tariff area, that means within the current card zones "Hannover 1" to "Region" (new: ABC).

Will my GVH School Card 2019/2020 still be valid in the new year?

Yes. All GVH School Cards of the current school year 2019/2020 will still be valid after 01.01.2020 within the entire GVH tariff area (former: zones H1, H2, Umland and Region; new: zones A, B and C). New School passes will be issued for the 2020/2021 school year. 

That means that pupils who use a GVH School Card (new: School pass) no longer need expansion cards during the holidays and in the leisure time such as the GVH U21 Card or GVH U21 annual Card?

No, the School pass will no longer need an expansion card from 01.01.2020 on, such as e.g. the GVH U21 Card.

When the GVH U21 annual Card is returned from the 01.01.2020 on, the purchase price will be reimbursed proportionately for the time not used.

My child is going to a school which is less than 2 km away from our place and gets therefore no GVH School Card (new: School pass). Isn’t it an unequal treatment?

If the route to school is less than 2 km, we would recommend a Youth pass (former: GVH Saving Card). This is for all pupils, FSJler (gap year usually taken to do voluntary work in the social sector)/FÖJler (gap year taken to do voluntary work in the environmental sector)/FWJler (gap year taken to do voluntary work in the science sector) and Bufdis (federal volunteer service) up to 22 years of age. The Youth pass is available at a price of 15,00 € per month and also valid during the holidays within the entire tariff area (zones ABC).

The different treatment has a legal background resulting from the Education Act (of the State of Lower-Saxony) and from the statute of the Region Hanover on school transport. The transport companies and the transport association have no influence over this.

Are there any changes for the GVH Saving Card or the GVH U21 Card?

Today's GVH Saving Card and today's GVH U21 Card will still be valid within the entire GVH area. Just like the other GVH tickets they will be renamed and will in future be the Youth pass and the Monthly pass U21 resp. Annual pass U21.

Does anything change for the Semester Card?

No, the Semester Card remains valid for the entire GVH tariff area but will be renamed on 01.01.2020 into Semester pass GVH.