There are many ways to reach the goal

You can purchase Tickets for the GVH in many ways: in the sales centres and the vending machines or online in the Mobility Shop and in the GVH App. Where to buy the Ticket of your choice and what you need in order to get it is given in the detailed product descriptions.

GVH Customer Center

Centrally located, open for a long time and offering a wide range: The GVH customer centre is located in the city centre of Hanover, directly at the "Platz der Weltausstellung". Here you get all tickets as well as detailed counseling.

Service and Sales Centers

The service and sales centres of the GVH are distributed over the entire tariff area. The service centres hold available most of the tickets, the sales centres offer the most important tickets.

Vending machines

At all tram stops and stations of the suburban and regional trains there are vending machines. They offer a different range of tickets.

GVH | App

With the mobile App of the GVH you get timetable information in real time at any time and for free. You can also buy a ticket directly online.