Always well advised

In the round about 100 GVH service centers you get a comprehensive consultation and service everywhere in the Hanover region. Furthermore you get:

  • All tickets
  • All timetables
  • All GVH information
  • Customer Cards and subscription forms
  • Tips for passengers


Never far away

You just need a Day ticket quickly or a Monthly pass? You can get it as well in one of round about 100 Sales Centers in the region. One will surely be close to your neighborhood. The sales centers are marked by a banner with the GVH logo. In the kiosks, stationery shops and other stores you will in most cases get the entire GVH assortment.


GVH Service and Sales Centers in the Hanover Region

In the following list you see where you can find the next Service Center:

Art Straße/Haus-Nr. PLZ Ort Stadtbezirk/Gemeinde
nur für Fahrkarten im Regionaltarif
S = Servicestelle, VK= Verkaufsstelle