Hannovermobil - our mobility package

Being completely mobile and saving costs at the same time

The Hannovermobil package offers more mobility and more benefits. Hannovermobil is profitable if you use a BahnCard, frequently use Stadtmobil or want to profit from a higher discount on taxi rides. Calculate for yourself: Just in case of Stadtmobil you save more than the full package including BahnCard and taxi discount costs! The monthly fee of 9.95 € includes: 

Deutsche Bahn

BahnCard 25 for free: 62 € saved

You will receive an annual voucher for a BahnCard 25 (regular price: 62 €). The value can be credited against a higher-value BahnCard (e.g. BahnCard 50) as well.


Standard tariff included: 120 € saved

You become Stadtmobil customer and save by Hannovermobil not only the admission fee of 29 €, you automatically use the favourable standard tariff as well (the regular costs are 10 € per month).

Hallo Taxi 3811

20% discount saved on each journey

You will be registered as contract customer at Hallo Taxi 3811 and get 20% discount on the regular taximeter price. Furthermore, you travel cashless and pay conveniently per automatic debit transfer.