Mobility Shop

Here is where the journey starts

Climb abroad - right here, right now. With the mobility shop on you are on the way in live. Select your ticket, specify when your journey starts and travel comfortably per hardcopy or mobile phone ticket within the Hanover region. 

The implementation of the mobility shop takes place for all transport companies operating within the GVH exclusively by the ÜSTRA Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe Aktiengesellschaft.

GVH tickets

Buy your ticket for your individual journey across the Hanover region comfortably from home. 
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Become a stadtmobil customer free of charge - without admission fee or monthly basic charge. 
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Become a regular Hallo Taxi 3811 customer free of charge - and save 10 % for future taxi rides. 
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A service which succeeds

Do you have any questions regarding the results? We will be glad to provide further assistance personally.