Compensation as well for GVH customers

In the case of a train cancellation, its delay or the breaking of connections, passengers have claims against the transporting railway company. This applies to passengers with GVH ticket as well. You can assert claims against the corresponding railway company, you were travelling with.

The passenger rights simply set down minimum standards. In many cases the GVH Customer guarantee is therefore more advantageous. But you can assert claim only either against the GVH or the railway companies.

In which case compensation is given and to what amount?

  • Passengers with a single ticket are entitled to compensation equal to 25 % (for a delay of 60 to 119 minutes) and 50 % of the ticket price (for a delay of more than 120 minutes).
  • In case of tickets which can be used for several journeys, a compensation for delay of more than 60 minutes is paid on the basis of lump sums: for a second class ride 1,50 €; for a first class ride 2,25 €.
  • In case of Monthly passes, a maximum of 25 % of the price actually paid is being compensated. The payment of compensation below 4,00 € is not being made. Claims should be submitted in collected form.
  • Compensations in cases of Semester passes GVH are limited to a maximum amount of 4,50 €.

What deadlines need to be met?

  • In case of GVH passes with the term of validity of up to one month, applications for compensation must be presented collected after the end of validity.
  • In case of GVH passes with a longer validity (e. g. Monthly pass subscription) applications for compensation must be presented collected as well because payment is made only when the payment amount exceeds 4,00 €.
    Delays which are older than one year, are not taken into account.

How to submit a claim?

For each delay you need to fill out a form which can be downloaded on the webpage www.fahrgastrechte.info. Here you can as well find out which railway company is the responsible one. Passenger rights forms are as well available in the trains and sales centers of the railway companies.

The completed forms as well as your ticket or a copy of your GVH Monthly pass as subscription and eventually other documents must be put in an envelope. The envelope can be handed in at a DB travel center or can be sent to the following address: Servicecenter Fahrgastrechte, 60647 Frankfurt/Main.

In which case you may switch to other trains?

If a delay of at least 20 minutes at the final destination is expected, the passenger may choose a superior train – for instance an ICE instead of a Regional Express. This applies as well for tickets issued for a specific train. These regulations do not however apply to the following tickets:

  • Lower Saxony Ticket (Niedersachsenticket)
  • reduced tickets
  • tickets for groups
  • Combined ticket (Kombiticket)
  • Conference ticket (Kongresskarte)
  • Air passenger ticket (Fluggast-Ticket)
  • Tickets for hotel guests
  • Semester pass GVH (Semesterticket)
  • Monthly and Annual pass U21 (Monats- und Jahreskarte U21)
  • Summer Holiday Ticket (SommerFerienTicket)

If you have a ticket for the local public transport and want to use a higher-value tariff train you need to pay the additionally required ticket in a first step and can subsequently claim for the expenses.

Further information as well as the claim form is available at www.fahrgastrechte.info

GVH guarantee mostly beneficial

But the railway passenger rights set down only minimum standards. In many cases the GVH guarantee might be beneficial for you. You can find the online form and the terms and conditions for the GVH guarantee here.

Important: You can assert a claim only against the GVH or against the rail transport undertaking within the framework of the railway passenger rights.