GVH guarantee

On time and clean – guaranteed

Who can invoke the GVH guarantee?

  • The GVH guarantee applies to all passengers with a GVH ticket, which is used resp. validated for the corresponding journey.
  • Excluded from this are School pass (Schulfahrkarte) and tickets, not issued by the GVH (e.g. BahnCard 100, City-Ticket and Niedersachsen-Ticket).
  • The guarantee does not apply for passengers taken with.

When does the GVH punctuality guarantee apply?

The GVH punctuality guarantee can be invoked in case of a delay of more than 20 minutes at the final destination.

The guarantee shall equally apply if the journey, the passenger bought or validated a ticket for, was cancelled and therefore a delay of more than 20 minutes at the final destination occurred or was to be expected.

Furthermore, the guarantee applies when a passenger due to a delay cannot catch a connection and therefore reached the final destination with a delay of more than 20 minutes. Decisive for the calculation are the currently effective schedule times and connections as issued in the journey planner at gvh.de.

In case of planned and at least twenty-four hours before announced deviations from the standard timetable (e.g. in case of building measures, flood, strike) the special schedule acts as basis for a claim.

Reimbursement for taxi expenses

In the time from 11.00 pm to 05.00 am or if the passenger due to delays has to wait longer than one hour, in place of a compensation, costs for a taxi up to maximum 25,00 € will be reimbursed.

How much is the compensation?

Single/Day tickets

Passengers who used a ticket, will get as compensation the equivalent for a ticket for one person within the used price category/zones. That means:

If you have used a...

  • Short trip ticket (Kurzstreckenkarte), you will likewise get a Short trip ticket.
  • Single ticket (Einzelkarte), you will likewise get a Single ticket.
  • Day ticket for one person (Tageskarte), you will get a Single ticket.
  • Day ticket for groups up to 5 persons (Tageskarte Gruppe), you will get a Day ticket for one person.
  • Day ticket S (Tageskarte S), you will get a Single ticket.
  • Single ticket for children (Einzelkarte Kind), you will likewise get a Single ticket for children.
  • Day ticket for children (Tageskarte Kind), you will get a Single ticket for children.
  • Day ticket S for children (Tageskarte S Kind), you will get a Single ticket for children.
  • Combined ticket (Kombiticket), you will get a Single ticket (ABC).

Monthly/annual season passes

Passengers who used a pass, will get a compensation amounting to 5,00 €.


Further guarantee conditions

  • A maximum of 5,00 € per journey is compensated, a maximum of two journeys per day, maximum 10 journeys per month.
  • The maximum compensation for pass holders is limited to the value of the pass.

When does the GVH cleanness guarantee apply?

In case your clothes should get dirty during our transport, costs for cleaning up to a maximum of 25,00 € can be reimbursed – provided the cause for the dirt is within the responsibility of the transport company. The cleanness guarantee can be submitted only by post or in person.

How do I achieve the compensation?

The application should be drawn up:

  • via online guarantee form here (available in German language only)
  • by post to the GVH – Großraum-Verkehr Hannover GmbH, Karmarschstr. 30/32, 30159 Hanover
  • in person at the customer centres of the transport companies (using the appropriate application)

The GVH guarantee must be claimed within 14 calendar days after the incident.

Who wishes to take advantage of the guarantee, needs to submit:

  • ticket (original or copy/scan)
  • for online tickets: hardcopy or purchase confirmation mail
  • for the assumption of taxi costs: additionally the taxi receipt (original)
  • for the cleanness guarantee: additionally the cleaning receipt (original)

Thus, you will get your compensation

Passengers will be reimbursed in the form of a credit transfer.

If an application for guarantee is rejected, the client will receive a statement of the reasons for the rejection.

Warranty exclusion

The GVH guarantee is a voluntary benefit of the GVH for its clients. A legal obligation, to provide such a guarantee, does not exist.

In case of abuse, the GVH reserves the right to exclude passengers from the guarantee. The passenger receives an information if the examination of the announced warranty claim shows that incorrect information has been provided. In the event of repeated incorrect and irreproducible information the customer receives notification on the GVH warranty exclusion.

Note regarding the rights of rail  passengers

For rail transport special passenger rights apply. If the legal regulation is claimed already, the additional claiming on the GVH guarantee is not possible. At www.fahrgastrechte.info you will get detailed information as well as a complaint form.


All of the above-mentioned guarantee conditions are also available for download as a PDF here (available in German language only).