Buses & trams in the classroom

Safe travelling by buses and trams and the orientation in the route network has to be learnt: This concerns in particular the over 70.000 pupils, who use the GVH every day. In order to offer you as a teacher the opportunity to practice with the pupils, the GVH provides free multimedia teaching programs and materials. These can as well be requested by private persons.

The traffic education program includes as well visits of trainers of the transport companies in the schools. In role and group games, young people learn in a playful way the proper behavior in road traffic. The individual traffic education modules are different depending on the class level.

Information and material can be requested at schule@gvh.de.

1st to 4th grade

Small children are particularly jeopardized in road traffic. For this reason the GVH offers two lesson modules, in order to teach children in the younger classes the correct use of buses and trams.

  • Module 1: "The bus arrives!"

Traffic teachers of the ÜSTRA and the regiobus visit schools with a bus. The one-hour training teaches the correct entering or leaving, the accurate positioning of the knapsacks and the behavior during emergency stop situations. This module was developed in cooperation with the "Gemeinde-Unfallversicherungsverband Hannover Landesunfallkasse Niedersachsen". If you are interested you are welcome to contact Jens Lichtenberg at the e-mail address shown below.

  • Module 2: "Safely to school - materials for the teaching"

The offer is aimed at pupils in the fourth grade, who will change to secondary school. At that time pupils travel for the first time unaccompanied with the public transport. The free brochure introduces children to public transport in a playful way.

5th to 6th grade

For the 5th and 6th grade, the GVH offers four education modules. The topics range from the correct behavior in stations and at the stops to conflict resolution and the efficient use of buses and trams: 

  • Module 3: "World of Tram experiences"

In an one-and-a-half hour event the pupils learn how to behave correctly at the stations, how to handle the emergency facilities and how to react in dangerous situations. For this purpose, the ÜSTRA invites pupils of the 5. grade to the depot Döhren. The contact person is Jens Lichtenberg, get in touch via schule@gvh.de.

  • Module 4: "Do what needs to be done!"

This module includes five short films showing critical circumstances such as: the rucksack was stolen, smaller children are not being let out of the tram, a young woman is harassed, riot in the bus and blind passenger receives no help. The resolutions are deliberately open. A booklet with many ideas for all discussions is part of the one-hour program as well.

The films "Do what needs to be done!" as DVD including the booklets can be ordered at own costs (10 €) plus shipping by e-mail at katja.striefler@region-hannover.de or by phone +49 511 616232-23.

Action network movidu – our ways set a precedent

The action network movidu connects different partners – including the GVH –, sharing a common goal: They plead for the fact that children and teenager learn how to travel in their everyday life from A to B safely, independently and environmentally friendly! The direct cooperation with schools is the main focus of commitment. Under movidu.de you will find all information on the activities of the network in the Hanover region.