A smart combination

You often go by bike, but sometimes you would like to take the tram? You take your car for reaching a certain station and from there you use the public transport? You need a car only in certain cases? Within the GVH you can combine different modes of transport. Over the course of the next few pages, you will find everything that is worth knowing about taking bicycles onto buses and trams, Park & Ride, Bike & Ride as well as car-sharing and the GVH partner offers.

Bikes on Public Transport

You can take your bike onto buses and trams of the GVH. However, special rules apply to different means of transport and to certain times.


Who uses the GVH buses and trams on a regular basis, doesn't need an own car. And even in case you need one: Then you can take a car at our car-sharing partner stadtmobil.


The last few meters to the destination you can drive conveniently with a taxi. Our crew will order a taxi to your desired stop. In many municipalities women are eligible for grants. And our partner offers provide a discount on each taxi ride.

Park & Ride | Bike & Ride

You can leave your car parked: Within the GVH you will find more than 6.000 Park & Ride places. Your bike can be parked in Bike & Ride facilities. Then you can continue your journey using buses and trams.