A good complement

Sometimes you need more than the buses or trams? Occasionally you need a car – for instance in case of big transports or in order to reach remote destinations? Then you should decide for car-sharing! In the region of Hanover, car-sharing is offered by our partner stadtmobil.


stadtmobil has provided car-sharing since more than 20 years in the Hanover region. The vehicle fleet ranges from compact cars to transporters. More information can be found at or by phone +49 511 27042-40.

As GVH customer you get special conditions at stadtmobil:

  • In our mobility shop you can additionally and for free register for the stadtmobil usage. This is not only convenient but you save the otherwise necessary admission fee.

 Your benefits at a glance:

  • Save money: For repairing charges, for insurances or for a parking place rental you don't have to pay anything. And the less you drive, the less you pay.
  • Take the right car for every purpose: From cabriolet to estate car and mini bus or transporter – the companies have got it all in the program.
  • Always drive the latest models: stadtmobil offers you a modern, safe and low-pollutant fleet of vehicles.
  • Benefit from the great number of locations: In Hanover/Hildesheim there are approx. 400 vehicles available at over 200 locations. Especially in the city of Hanover it is no big step to the next stadtmobil car.
  • Leave the work to someone else: The maintenance and cleaning of the vehicles is carried out professionally by service providers.
  • Combine tram and car: Car-sharing vehicles can be used in many other cities as well. Avoid the stress of long car journeys and enjoy an environmentally friendly journey by train instead.

That is how car-sharing at stadtmobil works:

  • During registration you can choose between three tariffs according to the frequency of usage. Depending on the tariff, monthly costs incur at different levels. Family and company memberships are possible as well.
  • Once you are a member, you will receive an access card. With the access card, you can book vehicles online, via smartphone or by phone. The booking can take place a few minutes before commencing your journey or for some months in advance.
  • Using your access card you can get into the car and use it as long as you booked it. The covered route and booked time of use will be captured electronically and charged automatically. Fuel is included. We will reimburse you therefore in return for the corresponding invoices.
  • At the end of the journey, you park the car again at the reserved place. With the "Stadtflitzer" you are even more flexible. You can park them in some districts, wherever you will find a place.
  • Registrations are possible in the GVH customer center in the customer relations department of stadtmobil. You can reach the employees from Monday to Friday between 10.00 a.m. and 06.00 p.m. The telephone number of stadtmobil is: +49 511 27042-40. In order to conclude an agreement, you need your driver's license and an identification card. For more information please visit