We bring you to your destination safely

We would like you to feel relaxed while travelling with GVH buses and trams. This includes as well the feeling of security. This is being ensured by many technical devices and particularly by our trained personnel. Furthermore we offer you services such as Call-a-Taxi or our Women's Night Taxi. Important for the sense of security is as well the ambience. For this reason, our stops have a modern design, with a clear and bright appearance. Dirt and destructions on the vehicles are being removed as soon as possible. 


Via our emergency call and information pillars you can call for help at any time in the tunnel stations of the city tram as well as at the above-ground stations of the city tram or the suburban trains. Don't be afraid to release an alarm!


All vehicles within the GVH are equipped with safety devices. The drivers can be contacted directly or via an inter phone. In cases of acute danger you can use the emergency break.


In the dark and on isolated routes you don't have to walk: The ÜSTRA drivers will be glad to call you a taxi. Women receive grants for taxi rides in many municipalities.


Many buses and trams have security personnel on board, so you can ask for help directly. At many stops you can find security personnel as well. Basically, you can contact all employees in cases of need.

What you can do yourself

Passengers want security. That’s why the GVH is doing a lot to make passengers feel safe. In order that you can stay calm in bus and train – and how to behave can be found out here.