Feeling good while being on the move

Passengers want security. That’s why the GVH is doing a lot to make passengers feel safe. Nevertheless, circumstances might occur which disquiet you. In order that you stay calm in buses and trains – and that you know how to behave in case of emergency or threat, we provide information here.

If you have a strange feeling, if something is wrong or if a person is subject to harassment

  • contact the driver in the trams and buses directly.
  • sit down next to the driver or other passengers.
  • distance yourself from persons, you feel uncomfortable with.


  • in case of fire or smoke: fire service 112
  • in case of a medical emergency (disease, breakdown): emergency physician 112
  • in case of accidents: police 110
  • in case of violence or wilful destruction: police 110

What else can you do

  • Use our emergency call and information pillars: If you press the emergency button, you will be connected with the traffic control centre or the "3-S-Zentrale".
  • Do not hesitate to release an alarm – even if you think that the situation is not excessively critical.
  • Contact the driver (in the city railways and trains via the telephone stations at the doors).
  • Put on the emergency brake.
  • Call for help via your mobile phone.
  • In case of medical emergencies and if necessary use the defibrillators in the stations.

Don’t look away! If you or other passengers are being bothered, take action. Don’t look away! The sooner perpetrators see that they have no easy job the easier the resistance or help.

Further information can be found as well here in our flyer (available only in german language).

You can get the flyer as well in the GVH customer centre, Karmarschstraße 30/32, 30159 Hanover.

We shall be glad to send you the flyer if you like for events or for distribution at appropriate locations for free. Please submit any such request by e-mail to with the declaration of the quantity and address.