Quick contact with the driver

Inter phone: If you wish or have information during travelling with GVH trams, you can push the green button (inter phone) and you will be connected with the driver. The phone can be found in the TW 2000, the so-called "Silberpfeil", next to the door. You can as well use it for ordering the ÜSTRA Women's Night Taxi. As well in the suburban trains each door has an inter phone marked with a SOS – at a push of the button you are connected with the driver.

Emergency brake: In the ÜSTRA trams and suburban trains of the DB you can find the emergency brake at the doors. By pulling the red handle, the tram is braked to a standstill. For safety reasons, in tunnels the tram will come to a standstill not before the next stop.

Getting off between two stops: After 08.00 p.m. passengers can leave on the bus lines as well between two stops, provided the traffic is calm. Please announce your wish at the driver at least one stop before.