Well equipped

Regional and suburban trains

In the regional trains (RB), the regional express trains (RE) and the suburban trains (S-Bahnen) of the Deutsche Bahn (DB) most vehicles are suitable for wheelchairs. The platforms of the suburban trains are at ground level or accessible by ramps and elevators. Passengers with impaired mobility can usually get on and off without any difficulty.

As passenger of the Deutsche Bahn with impaired mobility, you ought to know:

  • In case of all suburban trains in operation at least one vehicle disposes of an entry at grade.
  • In case of one-wagon trains only wagons with entry at grade are being used.
  • Who wants to enter without any steps and gaps, should enter at the front of the train.
  • There is a folding ramp or a lift at the first passenger door, which is operated by the train driver for you.

All metronom trains are equipped with an access ramp in the control cab coach. If the train runs to Uelzen, it is at the front of the train. If the train runs to Göttingen, the ramp is at the end of the train. The ramp is operated by a passenger attendant. You can call passenger attendants by pushing the button "Wheelchair", which can be found outside at the front door of the control cab coach.

Bridging gaps at all doors and an additional wheelchair ramp in a marked train section can be found in the enno trains. Travellers who need additional support can announce their journey beforehand by phone +49 581 97164-174 or email

In the multi-purpose area of erixx trains, wheelchairs can be secured with straps. The low-floor technology makes getting into and out of the train easier. When necessary, the passenger attendants are able to operate additional ramps. This request should be announced at least 24 hours before departure by phone: +49 5191 96944-0 or e-mail:

The regional trains of the WestfalenBahn have a wheelchair-fair toilet, which is as well suitable for electric wheelchairs. Furthermore, there are bridging gaps at all doors. The load capacity of the wheelchair ramp amounts to 350 kg. Please announce your journey if required the previous day by 5 p.m. using the WestfalenBahn helpline +49 521 55777-755 or the e-mail .

Buses and city trams

At the high-level platforms and the platforms of the underground stops, the entry into the ÜSTRA city trams is normally possible without problems. In the silver city trams (TW2000), passengers with impaired mobility can enter everywhere. In each wagon there is an area between the first and the second door with fold-up seats. These areas are intended for wheelchair users, walking frames and children's push chairs.

The green city trams (TW6000) dispose of a step between platform edge and vehicle, which cannot be crossed by all wheelchair models. For this reason the middle bar was removed of each third door in many city trams of this type in order to offer a broadened passenger entrance/exit area. Orange-colored stripes above the door entering indicate where these broadened areas can be found. At other doors, passengers with children's push chairs or walking frames should use the broader part of the entry. Each rearmost and foremost door should be avoided. In the timetables, all green city trams are marked with a "X".

Wheelchair users, who want to travel with ÜSTRA buses, should stand at the station near the stop post and approx. 30 cm from the curbstone. The ramp can be requested via a push-button with a wheelchair pictogram. It can only drive out at closed doors and needs about one meter of space. If the ramp touches an obstacle, it retracts and starts again.

In the meantime the regiobus uses almost always low-floor buses without steps, which make it easier for passengers with walking frames or children's push chairs to enter. Wheelchair users need an additional ramp, that many vehicles have. The bus drivers will gladly assists you (see Services).

A brochure with tips for passengers with special mobility needs is available on the webpage