Mein GVH app

Your personal companion

You will find many fabulous functions in the Mein GVH app, with which the use of public transport in GVH region will become more comfortable. Brand new: You always have your Deutschland ticket handy in your Smartphone. But that is not the only thing in the app. You can configure your own home screen, save contacts and location in the app, mark your usual haunts as favourites and much more.

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Screenshot von der GVH App im Bereich "Mein GVH", wo Module nach Belieben personalisiert bearbeitet werden können.


Select your own home screen. You can set e.g., “Mein GVH” as the home screen in the settings using the “Open app with” function. Then, simply scroll to “Mein GVH” till the end of the page and there you will find the button with the label “Edit module”. Card at the beginning or end? Show or hide ticket? The choice is yours.

Screenshot von der GVH App im Bereich "Adresse", wo Kontakte und Orte gespeichert werden können.


This function is a module under “Mein GVH”. You can save contacts and locations in the GVH app and quickly find the next connecting transport. Tap on “+” in the module (or even in the settings in “My addresses”) and add an address, stop, or a contact from your address book. Then also choose a matching image. Done!

Screenshot von der GVH App, welcher im Bereich "Abfahrten" die Favoriten anzeigt.


You can mark your usual haunts with the “Favourites” function using the timetable. Entre your connection and tap on the star. Your favourite places then appear above in the recommendations list.

Screenshot von der GVH App, welcher die Fahrtauskunft zeigt und die Funktion "Teilen".


You can share your trip with other persons via SMS or messenger services or even enter it in the calendar with the “Share” function. To do this, use the “Share” button in your selected trip connection.

Screenshot von der GVH App, welcher den Bereich "Abfahrten" zeigt. Hier kann flexibel die jeweilige Haltestelle eingegeben werden.

Start journey flexibly

The “Departures near me” finds the closest stops via GPS and shows the departure times. You will find this assistant under “Mein GVH” or the menu item “Departures”. Tap on the icon next to “Enter stop” and you will get a list of stops near you. After selection, you can edit your choice of mode of transport under the gear icon below the stop.