The GVH 9-Euro-Ticket

Passengers in buses and trams in Germany will be relieved by the introduction of a „9-Euro-Ticket“. This was agreed by the coalition on national level on 24.03.2022. The idea: A ticket for 9 euros per month, for a maximum of 90 days.

Such an offer will of course also be available within the GVH. Explicitly customers should as well benefit who use an annual subscription or a Corporate pass. It is therefore not necessary to give a notice of termination!

We have compiled a summary of questions in the following, which will be continually expanded:

General information

The 9-Euro-Ticket is a Monthly pass. It will be available for the months June, July and August 2022 for 9 euros per month. It applies full-time, nationwide in the 2. class in all local trains and S-Bahn trains, in trams- and underground lines as well as in all city and regional buses. The use of the 1. class and the use of the long-distance trains (ICE, IC, EC, Flixtrain etc.) is generally excluded.

The ticket is not transferable and is valid for one person only. Children under the age of 6 can be taken along for free. Children from 6 years of age on, need an own 9-Euro-Ticket. Taking along further persons with the 9-Euro-Ticket is excluded.

For the entrainment of a bicycle or a dog, the conditions of carriage of the corresponding local companies / associations or the particular relation (connection, additional bicycle ticket, free entrainment) apply. Information on bicycle transport within the GVH can be found here.

For journeys within the GVH, the usual regulations for bike and dog carriage apply. The 9-Euro-Ticket may not be used in the GVH for taking bikes or dogs with you.

A change or cancellation of the ticket is excluded, also before the first day of validity.

You can buy the 9-Euro-Ticket via a large number of GVH distribution channels, that is at the vending machines of ÜSTRA and the railway companies, at service and selling points, at the GVH customer centre, via the GVH app, via the DB Navigator as well as at the regiobus und SVG drivers. In the ÜSTRA buses it is not possible to buy the 9-Euro-Ticket. Further information on the different distribution channels can be found here.

Yes, the GVH punctuality guarantee applies as well for the use of the 9-Euro-Ticket, provided it is a GVH ticket (recognizable by the GVH logo).

No, the boats may not be used with the 9-Euro-Ticket.


No, the 9-Euro-Ticket is valid for persons only. Concerning journeys outside the GVH, please get information from the respective transportation companies to find out how the carriage conditions for dogs and bikes are regulated.

Please pay attention to the following advice when using metronom:

Safety first: metronom restricts carriage of bicycles

Due to on-going building measures and as a consequence of the previous experiences with the „9-Euro-Ticket“, the GVH partner metronom restricts the carriage of bicycles from Friday 10 June, also on GVH routes.

On the RE2 route Göttingen-Hannover-Uelzen, the carriage of bicycles is excluded until further notice on weekends from Friday, 03.00 p.m. until Sunday 10 p.m.. This means, on this route the access with bike is no longer allowed on Fridays from 03.00 p.m..

Particularly on weekends the trains are overcrowded. We would therefore like to ask you to look occasionally on the metronom website or the “mein metronome” app to read up on your connection in advance. Possibly, you can find information on train occupancy and delayed departures.

Yes, the 9-Euro-Ticket is also valid for sprinti.


Information for GVH subscribers

During the campaign period, subscribers will be charged with 9 euros per month. The way how the refund resp. the reduced collection will be issued, is currently being evaluated. So there's nothing you need to do to enjoy the price reduction.

Your already submitted subscription tickets are valid during the promotion period along with photo ID as well nationwide in accordance with the above-mentioned regulations.

Yes, pupils who have a School pass may use it during the promotion period nationwide as ticket.

Yes, the Semester pass GVH may be used during the promotion period nationwide as ticket. It is currently being examined, how the semester ticket costs can be partly reimbursed.

Yes, the Annual pass U21 is also valid during the promotion period as ticket – nationwide.

The existing entrainment regulation applies for you as a subscriber of the Monthly pass subscription, a Corporate pass or of the Senior pass subscription only within the GVH during the campaign period for the zones A-F.


Clients, who have a GVH subscription and a valid IC/EC surcharge of DB, may still travel on during the promotion period on the IC/EC route.

The basic price of the 2.class ticket will be reduced to 9 €, for the 1. class use you have to pay the 1. class surcharge 1-3 zones of your subscription product. With the ticket you can use the 1. class in the GVH zones A-F during the promotion period.

The Corporate passes of the GVH are recognised as ticket during the promotion period nationwide. Your employer will only charge you with 9 € per calendar month. The employer contribution for the Corporate pass M will be paused during the promotion period. The employer can make the payment voluntarily.

Within the GVH tariff zones A-F, the ticket remains transferable during the promotion period. In case of nationwide journeys, it is a personal ticket.

Within the GVH tariff zones A-F, the ticket is transferable during the promotion period. When using it throughout Germany, it is a personal ticket. Since we cannot say exactly whether and how the personal entitlement will be controlled outside the GVH, we recommend carrying a verification document to provide proof that you are the legitimate owner (subscription contract, letter of ticket shipment or similar).

Yes, you will receive a credit on excess amounts. We will transfer the credit per promotion month, in so far as we have your bank account details. All clients who paid in cash in advance, were contacted and asked for bank details.