This changes with the timetable change

The timetable change concerning the Transport Association of Greater Hanover (GVH) starting Sunday, December 11th 2022, implicates many new transport services and improvements compared with the existing scheduled bus and tram service for passengers. The modifications of the transport companies in detail:


Stadtbahnen halten an einer Haltestelle
The new elevated platform "Riechersstraße" will be opened at the end of 2022 or beginning of 2023© ÜSTRA/Arp

ÜSTRA news trams

New elevated platforms

Before the timetable change, on Friday 18th November, the new elevated platform „Rethen/Steinfeld“ on line 2 started operations. Shortly after the timetable change, at the end of 2022 or in early 2023, the elevated platform at the new stop „Riechersstraße“ will be opened. This stop replaces the existing „Eichenfeldstraße“. The change of name can be put down to the location of the new elevated platform. The new stop is located far away from the current stop, so that the stop is by name allocated to the Riechersstraße.

ÜSTRA news buses

Bus line 125:

The line 125 operates every Saturday and Sunday evening until 10:00 pm every thirty minutes. From 11:00 pm on, the connection to the tram will be improved. From the endpoint „Meierwiesen“, three journeys are offered at 08:43 pm, 09:43 pm and 10:43 pm, to „Anderten“. Furthermore, there will be two additional journeys from the endpoint „Anderten“ to „Meierwiesen“ at 08:46 pm and at 09:46 pm.

Bus line 390:

On line 390 the morning gap from Monday to Friday between Ingeln and Gleidingen will be closed with the timetable change. That’s why the following journeys will be rearranged:  From the endpoint „Ingeln/Auf der Maine“ there will be two additional journeys at 9:29 am and 10:49 am to „Gleidingen/Orpheusweg“. From the endpoint „Gleidingen/Orpheusweg“ there will be also two additional journeys at 10:00 am and 11:20 am to „Ingeln/Auf der Maine“.

Bus line 581:

On bus line 581 from Monday to Friday three pairs of additional journeys in the morning will be extended to „Stöcken“. Up to now the endpoint of these journeys was „Ahlem“. The journeys start from the endpoint „Mühlenberger Markt“ at 06:42 am, 07:12 am and 07:42 am to „Stöcken“. The journey at 07:12 am serves additionally the stop „Letter/Gymnasium“. From the endpoint „Stöcken“, three journeys start at 06:42 am, 07:12 am and 07:42 am to „Mühlenberger Markt“. Velber will not be served on these additional journeys.

Bus line 371:

The regular schedule on line 371 will be extended from Monday to Friday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Following journeys will be added: From the endpoint „Ahlten/Umspannwerk“ there will be two journeys offered at 05:18 pm and 06:18 pm to „Bilm/Reuteranger“. Two further journeys start at 05:50 pm and 18:50 pm to the stop „Klein Lobke“. In the opposite direction there will be two additional journeys from the endpoint „Bilm/Reuteranger“ at 5:43 pm and 6:43 pm to „Ahlten/Umspannwerk“ and from the endpoint „Klein Lobke“ there will be one additional journey at 5:51 pm to „Ahlten/Umspannwerk“. Afterwards the on-demand service sprinti replaces the bus transport.

Timetable will change

The timetable for the tram and bus lines will change to improve the punctuality even more. The exact times can be found as usual online at or on the timetables directly at the stop and tunnel stations.

Ausschnitt eines sprintH Busses. Es ist ein Teil der Vodertür zu sehen.
On the sprintH line 500, there are four additional trips per direction between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. as of the timetable change.© GVH/Ludwig

regiobus news

Regarding the regular bus traffic of regiobus, there are some significant improvements or attractive innovations making it possible for passengers from the surroundings to be mobile without using the own car.

Line 170: direct public transport connection to Wasserstadt Limmer

The regiobus line 170 is the new bus route to Wasserstadt Limmer. The served stops are the same from „Hauptbahnhof/ZOB“ to „Tegtmeyerstraße“ like the existing sprintH line 700. The new endpoint „Wasserstadt Limmer“ is served by line 170 only. The stop „Steinfeldstraße“ is served by line 170 only in direction towards the city. The new line will operate from Monday to Sunday every 30 minutes beginning at 5:00 am, stopping at 00:30 am.

Line 490: Stop removed

Line 490 will no longer serve the stop „Otternhagen/Auf dem Brink“ from the timetable change due to a lack of demand.

sprintH line 500: additional journeys

From Monday to Saturday there will be four additional journeys between 06:00 pm and 09:00 pm in each direction to improve the offer.

From the stop „Hannover Hbf/ZOB“ in direction Gehrden from Monday to Friday there are additional journeys at 07:27 pm, 07:57 pm, 08:27 pm and 08:57 pm, on Saturday at 08:27 pm, 08:57 pm, 09:27 pm and 09:57 pm.

In the opposite direction from the stop „Gehrden/Schwesternhaus“ to Hannover ZOB/Hbf there will be additional journeys from Monday to Friday at 06:35 pm, 07:05 pm, 07:35 pm and 08:05 pm and on Saturday at 08:05 pm, 08:35 pm, 09:05 pm, 09:35 pm.

The regiobus lines 500 and 300 operate from the timetable change according to the regular schedule again. Most recently every second journey stopped temporarily at Wallensteinstraße (300) or in Wettbergen (500).

Line 580:improved offer

Regiobus doubles on line 580 the offer from Monday to Friday between Northen, Lenthe and the tram stop „Am Soltekampe“ between 09:00 am and 12:00 noon, so that the regiobus line 580 is available for the passengers every half hour.

sprintH line 600: additional journey

There will be an additional journey for each direction on Sunday evenings. In direction Großburgwedel there will be an additional journey at 08:36 pm from „Langenhagen/Zentrum“ and in direction Langenhagen Zentrum at 07:59 pm from „Großburgwedel/Bahnhof“. 

sprintH line 700: additional journeys

There will be two additional journeys in direction Hanover at 11:19 pm and 11:49 pm from „Dedensen/Uhlenbrauk“ in direction Hanover from Monday to Saturday.

Line 710 and 711: On-demand route becomes scheduled journey

The journey at 0:40 am on Friday and Saturday from „Wunstorf/ZOB“ to „Steinhude-Großenheidorn“ becomes regular. Until now it was served on demand. The stop „Großenheidorn/Strand“ is served only for getting off.

Line 715: Journey removed in future

The route of regiobus line 715 which up to now started at 01:21 pm from „Wiedenbrügge“ in direction Wunstorf will be removed. It was served during Easter, summer and autumn school breaks only.

Line 740/741:On-demand route becomes scheduled journey

The journey at 0:40 pm on Friday and Saturday from „Wunstorf/ZOB“ will be served as regular route. All stops of line 740 to the endpoint Niengraben will be served. Until now this route was served only on demand. The stop „Bokeloh/Kaliwerk“is served only for getting off.

Line 780: additional journeys

There will be an additional journey in both directions. At 05:28 am line 780 starts from „Wunstorf/ZOB“ in direction Luthe and at 05:41 am from „Luthe/Königsberger Str.“ in direction Wunstorf and offers during working days for for commuters a connection to the RE from the station in Wunstorf.

Line 830 and 850: stop removed

The lines 830 and 850 will no longer serve the stop „Neustadt/Lindenstr.“ on journeys in direction Neustadt/Bunsenstr. and opposite due to a lack of demand.

sprintH line 900:additional stop

Starting with the timetable change, line 900 will stop additionally at the stop „Thielenplatz/Schauspielhaus“ and offers a direct connection to the Schauspielhaus theatre.

Line 905, 916:Renaming of the stop

The stop „Burgdorf/Goerdelerstraße“ was rebuilt and relocated. This required a renaming into „Burgdorf/Elserstraße“.

Line N50:new night bus

New offer for night owls: The new night bus N50 completes the offer of line 500 during the night from Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday at hourly intervals. There will be three new journeys at night from Friday to Saturday at 01:37 am, 02:27 am and 03:37 am from „Wettbergen“. Four journeys will be added at 01:37 am, 02:37 am, 03:37 am and at 04:37 am in the night from Saturday to Sunday from „Wettbergen“. Line N50 starts in Wettbergen and runs largely identical to line 500. In Gehrden the stops will be served in a kind of ring system. The stops will be served in the following order: „Gehrden/Ronnenberger Straße“, „Gehrden/Nordfeld“, „Gehrden/Steintor“, „Gehrden/Katholische Kirche“, „Gehrden/Lange Feldstraße“, „Gehrden/Dammtor“, „Gehrden/Franzburger Straße“, „Gehrden/Lemmier Straße“ and „Gehrden/Beethovenring“, before the N50 runs again via „Gehrden/Lange Feldstraße“ and „Gehrden/Ronnenberger Straße“ back in direction Wettbergen.

Train news

Line RE2/RE3 (Göttingen - Hanover - Uelzen):

The route of RE3 from Hanover central station at 07:40 pm will start at 07.29 pm already after the timetable change. The stop in Großburgwedel will no longer be served.

Line RB 77 Weserbahn (Bünde - Hameln - Hildesheim):

The trains run on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from Löhne (Westfalen) to Herford or start there.

S-Bahn line S7: (Celle - Burgdorf - Lehrte - Hanover):

The S-Bahn trains of S7 will additionally stop in „Hannover-Kleefeld“ during the Night Star Transport (Nachtsternverkehr) in direction Lehrte “.

News regarding the GVH tariff

New boundary stop Wiesenau

The stop Wiesenau (lines 1 and 135) will be an official boundary stop with the timetable change. That means that in future it will be possible for all passengers to get off or on there with tickets for zone B in direction Langenhagen or from Langenhagen.

Up to now this was only possible for passengers living in the Wiesenau area belonging to Langenhagen. This little known regulation will become more clear with the timetable change. The existing regulations in this field will also remain the same.

In brief summary this means:

For tickets for tariff zone A:

  • The journey with line 1 from the stops „Berliner Platz“ and „Wiesenau“ in direction Hanover is possible.
  • The journey with line 1 from direction Hanover to „Wiesenau“ and „Berliner Platz“ is possible.
  • The journey and/or the change to bus line 135 is possible, because this line runs the complete route within zone A.

For tickets for tariff zone B:

  • The journey with line 1 from the stops „Wiesenau“ and „Berliner Platz“ in direction Langenhagen is possible.
  • The journey with line 1 from direction Langenhagen to „Berliner Platz“ and „Wiesenau“ is possible.

Attention:This year, again the GVH tariff change will not take place at the same time as the timetable change on 11 December 2022, but on 01 January 2023. Until 31 December 2022, the fares remain unchanged.

Das Tarifgebiet des GVH mit der neuen Grenzhaltestelle Wiesenau