Two for all intents and purposes

On the way in life – with only one ticket all over the Hanover region. Whether you travel regularly or occasionally, as a group or alone, long or short distances – the GVH has the best suitable offer for you. Simply choose between the various Tickets and Cards.


The GVH tariff area is divided into different zones: There are three zones for Tickets and four zones for Cards. Furthermore Cards can be purchased in the regional tariff, which is valid for three additional zones.

Price overview

What is the price for a ticket for my child? How much can I save as subscriber? What possibilities are there when I am currently in training? A detailed overview of all prices for GVH tickets can be found here.


Ticket assistant

You don't know which ticket is the right one for you? Put your trust in our ticket assistant. It will help you to find the right Ticket or Card tailored to your needs.


All tickets with a period of validity of up to one day are called Tickets. You receive the tickets for different zones, for single journeys and whole days as well as for children and groups. 


All tickets with a period of validity of more than one day are called Cards. They are available for one month or as a subscription as well as for different zones. Furthermore the GVH has special offers.

Where to get Tickets & Cards

Tickets and Cards for the GVH can be purchased at all tram stations and in about 250 service and sales centres - everywhere in the region. The GVH customer center (Kundenzentrum) is located directly in the city of Hanover.

Conditions of transport & tariff regulations

Which animals can I take with me and when? In which case travel expenses are usually refunded? What happens with lost property? The terms of transportation and tariff provisions will answer all your questions.