GVH Mobile Card Education

Reaching the training place for little money

Normally the training company is not "just around the corner". But most of the training companies and vocational schools are easy to reach by bus and tram at a particularly attractive price with the GVH Mobile Card Education (GVH MobilCard Ausbildung).

The GVH Mobile Card Education may be requested by:

  • Apprentices
  • Pupils at adult education institutions for full time acquisition of school qualifications
  • Persons, who visit a state-approved vocational preparation course
  • Student apprentices and improvers, if the internship / traineeship is part of the training
  • Junior doctors
  • Official aspirants of the lower and middle grade of the civil service
  • Participants in a voluntary social or ecological year or comparable social service
  • Participants in the federal volunteer service
  • Students not entitled to the GVH Semester Card (GVH SemesterCard)

In order to apply for a GVH Mobile Card Education, you need:

  • a customer card, available at the GVH service points or the GVH customer center.
  • a passport photo
  • an authorisation card that must be filled out by the school secretariat or the training company.

The authorisation card is available here:

  • in the GVH customer center
  • in the GVH service points
  • online for download

You can extent your GVH Mobile Card Education:

  • If you want to cross more zones your GVH Mobile Card Education (GVH MobilCard Ausbildung) is valid for, you only need a GVH Single or Carnet Ticket (GVH Einzel- oder SammelTicket) for one zone or a GVH Weekly Card Education (GVH WochenCard Ausbildung) for one zone.
  • for short distances beyond validity (three stations by tram, five stations by bus) an additional GVH Short Trip Ticket (GVH KurzStreckenTicket) is enough.

The GVH Mobile Card Education is valid:

  • for one, two, three or four zones
  • from the first day of validity until the previous day of the following month, e.g. from 17.05. until 16.06.
  • exclusively for the holder
  • for the 2. class section

The GVH Mobile Card Education costs

  • 46,50 € for one zone
  • 51,00 € for two zones
  • 66,00 € for three zones
  • 79,60 € for four zones