GVH Mobile Card

Flexible and family-friendly 

With the GVH Mobile Card (GVH MobilCard) you are mobile for one month particularly comfortably. You can choose 4 different zones. The GVH Mobile Card may as well be used by other persons. At the weekends, public holidays and in the evening from 07:00 p.m. on you may furthermore take an additional person and up to three children under the age of 18 with you for free.

You get the GVH Mobile Card:

  • in the GVH customer center
  • in the GVH service and sales centers
  • at the vending machines of the ÜSTRA, the DB Regio and the metronom 
  • in the regiobus vehicles from the driver

You can extent the GVH Mobile Card:

  • If you want to travel within more zones than allowed on your card, you only need a GVH Single Ticket (GVH EinzelTicket) or a GVH Carnet Ticket (GVH SammelTicket) for one Zone, no matter how many additional zones you cross. Example: Your GVH Mobile Card (GVH MobilCard) is valid for the zone "Region" but you would like to get to the main station Hanover in zone H1. Though you travel on the three further zones "Umland", "H2" and "H1", an extension by a GVH Ticket for one zone is enough.
  • If you make several journeys in other zones on one day, you can in this case buy a GVH Day Ticket for one person (GVH TagesEinzelTicket) for one zone.
  • For short journeys in excess of the scope of validity of your GVH Mobile Card (three stations by tram, five stations by bus) all you need is an additional GVH Short Trip Ticket (GVH KurzStreckenTicket).
  • All additional persons, you would like to take with you using your card, who travel on more zones than allowed, need a GVH Ticket for one zone as well. An extension here is as well possible by a GVH Day Ticket for groups up to 5 persons (GVH TagesGruppenTicket) at a one-zone price.

The GVH Mobile Card is valid:

  • for one, two, three or four zones
  • from the first day of validity until the previous day of the following month, e.g. from 17.05. until 16.06.
  • if another person is travelling with it
  • at the weekends and public holidays the whole day long and from Monday to Friday from 07:00 p.m. until 05:00 a.m. of the following day for one co-travelling adult and up to three children under the age of 18
  • for the 2. class section

The GVH Mobile Card costs:

  • 63,00 € for one zone
  • 69,00 € for two zones
  • 91,00 € for three zones
  • 111,50 € for four zones