GVH Congress Card

A perfect service

If you organize a fair, a conference, a congress or a seminar, you can offer your visitors a GVH Congress Card (GVH CongressCard). In doing so, you enable them to be mobile around the clock. Within the entire tariff area of the GVH all buses, trams, suburban trains and local trains can be used - not only in order to arrive at the event location but as well for leisure activities. A pleasant side effect: It eliminates the search for parking.

You get the GVH Congress Card:

  • by phone +49 511 1668-2324
  • via e-mail vertrieb@gvh.de
  • by fax +49 511 1668-2448

Good to know:

  • The GVH Congress Card has to be ordered at least for two consecutive days.
  • You must at least order 20 exemplars.
  • Gladden your visitors with a perfect service: If you order the GVH Congress Card, you can at the same time request GVH line information and the corresponding individual timetables.

The GVH Congress Card is valid:

  • for all zones within the GVH tariff area
  • for all buses, trams, suburban trains and local trains
  • for as many journeys as you like
  • for at least two days until 05:00 a.m. of the day following the last day of validity
  • exclusively for the holder
  • for the 2. class section

The GVH Congress Card costs:

  • 10,00 € for two days
  • 15,40 € for three days
  • 20,80 € for four days
  • 26,20 € for five days