For school and free time

Many pupils in Hanover and the Hanover region obtain a GVH School Card (GVH SchulCard) and get within the GVH tariff area for free to school. All others can purchase discounted Cards. For the time after school and the summer holidays there are attractive offers as well.

GVH School Card

If your way to school is longer than two kilometres and you have not completed the lower secondary level yet, you will receive a free GVH School Card from your school.

GVH Saving Card

Using the new GVH Saving Card, pupils (lower and upper secondary school) “FSJlers”, “FÖJlers” and federal service volunteers can travel at a fantastic price within the entire GVH tariff area. The Card is also valid in the leisure time and during the ho...

GVH U 21 Card

Extent your GVH School Card (GVH SchulCard) by the entire GVH tariff area! If you are under the age of 21, you can use it in order to be mobile as well in your free time and on the weekends!

GVH U 21 annual Card

If you travel regularly in your free time with the buses and trams within the GVH area, you can save a lot with the GVH U 21 annual Card.