GVH Mobile Card S

Definitely affordable

The GVH Mobile Card S makes travelling with the public transport affordable for everyone: Compared to a normal GVH Mobile Card the GVH Mobile Card S is 40 % cheaper. Condition for purchasing is the Region S Card (Region-S-Karte). If you have one, you may purchase a GVH Mobile Card S for one month - for one, two, three or four zones.

You get the GVH Mobile Card S:

  • in the service and sales centres within the GVH
  • at the vending machines of the ÜSTRA, the DB Regio and the metronom
  • from the regiobus drivers in the bus


Who is eligible to use the Region S Card (Region-S-Karte)?

  • Recipients receiving supplementary benefits or benefits in accordance with the Social Security Code SGB XII
  • Recipients receiving unemployment benefit II or income support pursuant to SGB II
  • Recipients receiving basic benefits and special benefits according to the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Law (AsylbLG)
  • Recipients receiving supplementary subsistence allowance and 'help for care' according to the Federal Law on war pensions (BVG)
  • Children living in a community of members of a household in need of benefit, which do not receive job centre benefits due to the children housing benefits
  • Pensioners living in a SGB II community in need of benefit and receiving no benefits from the job centre but pension (this regulations applies from 1. September 2013)

How to get the Region S Card (Region-S-Karte)?

  • The Region S Card will be sent automatically to entitled persons annually in November/December.
  • If this was not the case, please contact the social welfare office of your city or municipality


Good to know:

  • Holders of the "Region-S-Card" can enjoy the Zoo Hannover at an advantageous price.
  • In case of a ticket inspection you need to show the Region S Card (Region-S-Karte) as well as an official identity document.
  • The GVH Mobile Card S cannot be transferred. You have to enter your name on the back side.


You can extent the GVH Mobile Card S:

  • If you want to travel within more zones than allowed on your GVH Mobile Card S (GVH MobilCard S), you only need a GVH Day Ticket S for one person (GVH TagesEinzelTicket S) for one zone and you can travel a whole day within the GVH tariff area.
  • The GVH Mobile Card S (GVH MobilCard S) includes the authorization to be accompanied by persons, provided they are in possession of a Region S Card (Region-S-Karte).


You get further information on the GVH Mobile Card S and the Region S Card (Region-S-Karte):

  • by phone at the "Region Hannover" from Monday to Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 03:00 p.m. via +49 511 616-21000
  • in the Internet at www.hannover.de
  • via e-mail at region-s-karte@region-hannover.de

The GVH Mobile Card S is valid:

  • for one, two, three or four zones
  • from the first day of validity until the previous day of the following month, e.g. from 17.05. until 16.06
  • for one month
  • exclusively for the holder
  • at the weekends and public holidays the whole day long and from Monday to Friday from 07:00 p.m. until 05:00 a.m. of the following day for one co-travelling adult and up to three children under the age of 18. The co-travellers must as well have a Region S Card (Region-S-Karte).
  • for the 2. class section

The GVH Mobile Card S costs:

  • 36,50 € for one zone
  • 40,00 € for two zones
  • 52,80 € for three zones
  • 64,70 € for four zones