Single Journeys

For one-time journeys
Sometimes one ride the day is enough. Then you are well advised to purchase a GVH Single Ticket. It is available for short trips, for up to three zones, for children and for the City Bus Barsinghausen. Furthermore you can purchase a carnet of several GVH Single Tickets. 

Day Tickets

For frequent travelers
If you plan a day including more than one ride with buses and trams within the GVH tariff area, a Day Ticket (GVH TagesTicket) is worthwhile. You can purchase it as well for a group, for your children or in connection with the GVH social tariff.

Tickets for children

For young drivers
Children under 6 years travel for free with buses and trams within the GVH tariff area. Children from 6 to 14 can use reasonably priced tickets for one or several journeys or in connection with the social tariff.

Social tariff

For reduced fares
If you are holder of a Region S Card, you can purchase tickets at very reasonable prices. These tickets are valid for one day within the entire GVH tariff area. The tickets are available for children and adults as well. 

Combined Ticket

For jouneys to events
Whether theatre, concerts or top-class sports events - many events offer customers an extra special service: Transportation is included in the price. As event organizer you can as well offer such a service to your customers.

Further Offers

For easy connections 

Within the GVH tariff area further tickets are valid which cannot be purchased at the GVH. They enable you to use buses and trams within the GVH without the need to buy additional tickets.