Tickets for one-time journeys

Sometimes one ride the day is enough. Then you are well advised to purchase a GVH Single Ticket (GVH EinzelTicket). Depending on the distance, it is available for short distances and for up to three zones. Tickets for single rides are as well available for children, as carnet and for the City Bus Barsinghausen (Stadtbus Barsinghausen).

GVH Short Trip Ticket

If the distance to your destination is short, the GVH Short Trip Ticket (GVH KurzstreckenTicket) is possibly the right solution for you. It enables you to travel five stops by bus or three stops by tram in the same direction.

GVH Single Ticket

With the GVH Single Ticket (GVH EinzelTicket) you can travel up to two hours in one direction on all buses and trams within the GVH tariff area.

GVH Single Ticket for children aged 6-14

If you are between 6 and 14 years old, you can travel up to two hours with the GVH Single Ticket for children  within the entire GVH tariff area at an affordable price.<...

GVH Carnet Tickets

Do you frequently use GVH Single Tickets? Save your money on purchasing GVH Carnet Tickets! A carnet usually consists of 4 or 6 tickets for a journey.

GVH City Bus Ticket Barsinghausen

If you wish to travel only in Barsinghausen you can use the GVH City Bus Ticket Barsinghausen (GVH StadtbusTicket Barsinghausen). It is valid for 30 minutes after validation.