GVH Short Trip Ticket

For short routes
If the distance to your destination is short, the GVH Short Trip Ticket (GVH KurzstreckenTicket) is possibly the right solution for you. It enables you to travel five stops by bus or three stops by tram in the same direction. You can as well change.

You can get GVH Short Trip Tickets (GVH KurzstreckenTickets):

  • at the ÜSTRA vending machines
  • from the driver in the bus
  • in the service and sales centres within the GVH

GVH Short Trip Tickets (GVH KurzstreckenTickets) are valid:

  • for journeys by bus up to the fifth stop after entering
  • for journeys by tram up to the third stop after entering
  • for 30 minutes after validation 

GVH Short Trip Tickets (GVH KurzstreckenTickets) are not valid:

  • in trains of the local railway companies
  • on bus line 300 between the stops Wallensteinstraße and Hannover ZOB
  • on bus line 500 between the stops Wettbergen and Hannover ZOB
  • on bus line 542 between Eimbeckhausen and Rodenberg
  • on bus line 700 between the stops Martin-Luther-Kirche and Hannover ZOB
  • on tram and bus lines, if fast busses, express journeys and night busses do not serve regular stops 
  • for journeys by call a bus-services, call a taxi-services, night busses and night liners, if they serve stops only due to customer request