GVH Carnet Tickets (GVH SammelTickets)

Buy once, save in several ways

GVH Single Tickets can as well be purchased as carnet. In this case you will save per journey. GVH Carnet Ticket (GVH SammelTickets) in a block of 4 are generally valid for three zones. In a block of 6, Carnet Tickets are as well available for one or two zones.

You can get GVH Carnet Tickets (GVH SammelTickets):

  • at the vending machines of the DB Regio AG and the metronom Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH
  • in the service and sales centres within the GVH

GVH Carnet Tickets (GVH SammelTickets) are valid:

  • for journeys by bus and tram within the GVH tariff area
  • for two hours after validation
  • for one, two or three zones
  • as first-class ticket if you buy a second Single Ticket (EinzelTicket)

Return and round trip journeys are not allowed.

GVH Carnet Tickets (GVH SammelTickets) cost:

  • 15,30 € for one zone (corresponds to 2,55 € per journey; block of 6)
  • 19,00 € for two zones (corresponds to 3,17 € per journey; block of 6)
  • 16,00 € for three zones (corresponds to 4,00 € per journey; block of 4)