Well combined

Tickets giving free access to public transport: The GVH and many organisers have created a perfect package for you. You can reach the event location stress-free with buses and trams. With the GVH you will as well get back after the end of the event - even if it gets late.

But the GVH Combined Ticket can do even more: Repair forms of certain car dealers can be used as ticket as well. Leave your car for repair and use the GVH CarWorkshopTicket (GVH WerkstattTicket) in order to get home within the entire GVH tariff area. A free journey for the next day in order to pick up your car is included as well. Additionally you can use the GVH HotelTicket (GVH HotelTicket) for exploring Hannover and the surroundings. Due to the cooperation with certain guesthouses you pay the room rate only and  travel for free during your stay with all buses and trams.

The GVH hotline will answer all questions regarding your Combined Ticket at +49 511 5909000.

GVH Combined Ticket

Whether theatre, concerts or top-class sports events - many events offer customers an extra special service: Transportation is included in the price. How to recognize GVH Combined Tickets (GVH KombiTickets) and which partners...

GVH Combined Ticket – Information for organizers

Offer the greatest possible comfort: With a Combined Ticket (KombiTicket) the event starts for your customers already at home. The car can be left behind because the buses and trams of the GVH take you directly to the event location and back.

GVH CarWorkshopTicket

Your car is in the workshop and you travel in the meantime for free with buses and trams within the entire GVH tariff area. An overview of our cooperation partners and further information on the GVH CarWorkshopTicket can be found here.

GVH HotelTicket

Whether it's a business trip or a city tour - as hotel guest you can travel for free within the Hanover region. Just show your room card as ticket in all buses and trams.