GVH CarWorkshopTicket

A good combination

If your car needs to be repaired, the GVH is ready. Instead of using the car, you can travel stress-free with buses and trams of the GVH from certain workshops back home for free and the next day for picking up your car again.

The GVH CarWorkshopTicket can be identified by the stamped GVH logo on the repair form.

The GVH CarWorkshopTicket is available at the following car dealers or automotive repair shop in the Hannover region (in the version of January 2019):

  • Gessner & Jacobi GmbH & Co. KG, Falkenstraße 16-18, 30449 Hannover 
    sowie Bauweg 1, 30953 Hannover
  • Autohaus Kahle KG, Am Leineufer 49, 30419 Hannover
  • PSA RETAIL GmbH, Vahrenwalder Straße 233, 30179 Hannover

Volkswagen Automobile Hannover GmbH:

  • Autohaus Nordstadt, Vahrenwalder Straße 203, 30165 Hannover
  • Autohaus Bischoff & Hamel, Hildesheimer Straße 349, 30519 Hannover
  • Autohaus Podbi 306, Podbielskistraße 306, 30655 Hannover
  • Autohaus Langenhagen, Friesenring 4/8, 30853 Langenhagen

BMW AG Niederlassung Hannover:

  • Lister Kirchweg 87, 30177 Hannover
  • Lissabonner Allee 3, 30539 Hannover


The GVH CarWorkshopTicket is generally valid:

  • for journeys in buses and trams within the entire GVH tariff area (ticket zones "Hannover", "Umland" and "Region")
  • on the first day of validity printed on the ticket - and on the following day; if the day of validity is Friday, the GVH CarWorkshopTicket is additionally valid for the weekend and the following Monday (max. 4 days of validity)
  • for the 2. class
  • for the person named on the repair form; also alternatively for a authorised representative
  • The fare is included already in the repair costs.