City Ticket

A good connection

If you are travelling with a DB long distance train, in many cases you don't need an additional ticket for the route from the station to your final destination. The City Ticket (City-Ticket) allows as well free travel to your starting station.

The BahnCard 100 includes the City Ticket already. Holders can make as many journeys as they like within the ticket zone Hannover and in many further cities in Germany by bus and tram.

The City Ticket (City-Ticket) you can recognize from the imprint "+City". It is only issued for long distance travel with an IC, EC or ICE, provided you have a ticket of the category "Sparpreis" or "Flexpreis", tickets of the category "Super Sparpreis" are not eligible for the city Ticket. Furthermore destination station must be located at least 100 kilometers away.

Who would like to extend the City Ticket ( City-Ticket) by the GVH tariff zone "Umland", needs only a One-Zone-Ticket. For journeys in or across the tariff zones "Umland" and "Region" you need a ticket for two tariff zones or a Card, which is valid for the tariff pones "Umland" and "Region".

The City Ticket (City-Ticket) is valid:

  • for journeys in the buses and trams within the ticket zone Hannover
  • for one journey to the starting station or one from the station to the destination
  • from the first day of validity of the ticket until the close of operations at the "City- Return"-Day (max. 5.00 am of the following day)
  • for holders of a BahnCard 100 for as many journeys  as you like with all buses and trams in the ticket zone Hannover

The City Ticket (City-Ticket) is already included in the ticket fare.