Weekend Special Ticket

Longing for the distance with the local traffic

You would like to enjoy a day in the countryside with your family? You want to go to an away game with friends? You make an excursion with the bowling club? If you plan a longer journey at the weekend with several persons, the Weekend Special Ticket (Schöne-Wochenende-Ticket) is the best solution. It is valid for up to five persons - in all regional trains of the Deutsche Bahn, in trains of some other railways as well as in buses and trams of many other transport associations. And of course within the entire GVH tariff area!

Where to get the Weekend Special Tickets (Schöne-Wochenende-Tickets)?

  • at the vending machines of the ÜSTRA and the DB Regio AG
  • in the Internet at bahn.de

Weekend Special Tickets (Schöne-Wochenende-Tickets) are valid:

  • for journeys with all DB regional trains as well as partly in trains of other railways
  • for journeys in the buses and trams within the GVH tariff area
  • on Saturdays and Sundays until 03:00 a.m. of the following day
  • nationwide as well as for some routes in neighbouring countries
  • for up to five persons or parents with all their own children
  • for one dog instead of a person

Weekend Special Tickets (Schöne-Wochenende-Tickets) are not valid:

  • from Monday to Friday
  • in the 1. class

Detailed information on the Weekend Special Ticket (Schöne-Wochenende-Ticket) and a price overview can be found here.