Hanover and Region in "Red" und "Blue"

Tickets = Red Tickets which are valid up to one day.

The traffic area for Tickets is divided into three red tariff zones: Hanover, Umland and Region. The Hanover zone complies with the city area of Hanover, neighboring cities and municipalities belong to the "Umland" zone and the "Region" zone covers the more remote rural areas of the Hannover region.

Cards = Blue Tickets which are valid for longer than one day.

The Greater Hanover Public Transport Area is divided into four blue card zones: The city center of Hanover covers the zones "Hannover 1" and "Hannover 2". The Umland zone covers neighboring cities. The Region zone covers municipalities in more remote rural areas of the region. The GVH Regional Tariff has in addition to the four mentioned tariff zones, three more: The outer rings 1, 2 and 3.

To which zone does my station belong?  

In order to see to which zone particular stops or stations belong, you can click on our GVH map. Our flyer "Tickets und Cards" (available in German language only) serves as orientation as well.