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Corporate passes

Get to work without traffic jams and stress! With our offers for major customers, the so-called Corporate passes, which are available in several variants, your employees or trainees can travel to work comfortably and conveniently by public transport. Our Corporate pass S and M can also be ordered by associations, clubs or public authorities for members and employees. For smaller quantities (10 or more), our Job passes are an option. All offers are available for the different zones in the GVH tariff area and also in the Regional tariff. Owner of our Corporate passes also benefit from a special advantage: With the Jobticket offers, you have the opportunity to use 30 free minutes per trip with our sprintRAD – and as often as you want! With sprintRAD, you can comfortably cycle through the city or the last few meters from the stop to your destination.

Your request

If you would like to order one of our Jobticket offers for your company, association or club, please contact our colleague Violetta Schollmeyer. Our personal contact persons will inform you without obligation about the offer that suits you best and provide you with all relevant information.

The advantage for you

  • You can save taxes and social security contributions and have to provide fewer parking spaces.
  • You can bind your employees more strongly to your company/authority or your association/club and increase your attractiveness. Because every employee who is provided with a Corporate pass by you receives (depending on the location of your company and the zones used) a correspondingly high discount on the normal price.
  • You promote environmentally friendly mobility.


Thanks to the low-cost corporate pass, we at T.D.M. increasingly use public transport to get to work. Since we have a direct tram connection in front of our main building in Sarstedt, the Corporate pass is ideal. Our trainees are also happy about the discount. So by using the Corporate pass, our more than 450 employees are also making an active contribution to environmental sustainability. A win-win situation for everyone: company-employee-environment!

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Christoph Bartels, Ausbildungsleitung bei T.D.M. Telefon-Direkt-Marketing GmbH

  • The tickets are delivered free to your company / authority or association / club.
  • The various Corporate pass offers (Corporate pass, Corporate pass S and M, Corporate pass education, Corporate pass S and M education and the variants for 1st class and the Regional tariff) can be combined with each other.
  • Neither you as an employer/authority/association or association nor your employees generally have to pay taxes or social security contributions on the Corporate pass offers.
  • Employees who already have a Monthly pass subsciption (Regional tariff) or a Monthly pass education subsciption (Regional tariff) can easily switch to the lower rate in the Corporate pass offer.
  • The tickets are also valid during free time and for the journey to vocational school (Corporate pass education, Corporate pass S education and Corporate pass M education).

  • our offers are available for one (A, B or C), two (AB or BC), three zones (ABC) or in the Regional tariff also for two (CD), three (BCD or CDE), four (A-D, B-E or C-F), five (A-E or B-F) or six zones (A-F)
  • for all buses and trains, suburban trains, all regional trains (RB, RE) and the on-demand system sprinti in the zones A-F
  • from the 1st of a month
  • for twelve months
  • exclusively for the holder
  • on weekends and public holidays all day as well as from Monday to Friday from 07:00 p.m. to 05:00 a.m. of the following day for one accompanying adult and up to three children under 18 years of age (except Corporate pass education, Corporate pass education Regional tariff, Corporate pass S education and Corporate pass M education)
  • Corporate passes can be extended to the entire tariff area (zones ABC) for one day with a Day ticket or 6 trip day ticket for one zone (except in the Regional tariff)
  • for the 2nd carriage class or with additional charge the 1st carriage class (Corporate pass 1. class, Corporate pass S and M 1. class, Corporate pass Regional tariff 1. class, Corporate pass S and M Regional tariff 1. class, except Corporate pass education, Corporate pass education Regional tariff, Corporate pass S education and Corporate pass M education)

If you have at least 50 permanent employees in your company and make the offer available to all your employees (including trainees), you may be eligible for the following offers:

  • Corporate pass
  • Corporate pass education
  • Corporate pass 1. class
  • Corporate pass Regional tariff
  • Corporate pass Regional tariff 1. class
  • Corporate pass education Regional tariff

If you are a company, public authority, association or club, order at least 50 Corporate passes and pass them on exclusively to employees (including trainees) or members, you may be eligible for the following offers:

  • Corporate pass S and M
  • Corporate pass S and M 1. class
  • Corporate pass S and M Regional tariff
  • Corporate pass S and M Regional tariff 1. class

With the Corporate pass S and M variants, each individual receives a discount of 7.5 % (Corporate pass S) on the normal price or 12 % (Corporate pass M) if you as a company/authority/association/club increase the travel allowance to at least 12 %.

The prices for the individual products vary and also depend on the fimren location as well as the zones traveled. For detailed information and a price quote, please contact your personal contacts Violetta Schollmeyer and Dominik Heintz.

The Job pass

Mobility even with small purchase quantities is made possible by the Job pass S and M (also available in the Regional tariff or 1. class). This means that even as a small company, authority, association or club, you can make your employees or members an attractive offer.

Together with our cooperation partner, AGA Service GmbH, it is possible to order at least 10 Job passes. If you would like to order one of our Job pass offers, please contact our GVH cooperation partner, AGA Service GmbH. You can also obtain further information at