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Travelling at low cost throughout Germany with the 9-Euro-Ticket

From June to August you can use the local transport in Germany for only 9 Euro per month. The 9-Euro-Ticket is a monthly pass which is also offered for the GVH. Subscribers also benefit from the 9-Euro-Ticket. A termination of the current subscription is unnecessary!


The 9-Euro-Ticket is available:


The 9-Euro-Ticket is already available in presales via the above-mentioned distribution channels.

The 9-Euro-Ticket is valid:

  • throughout Germany

  • as monthly pass

  • for June, July or August

  • from the first day of the printed calendar month at midnight until the last day of the printed calendar month 11:59 p.m.

  • for all buses, city trams, S-Bahn trains and local trains within the GVH tariff area as well as throughout Germany for local public transport and for the regional passenger transport

  • for any number of journeys

  • for the holder only, not transferable

  • for the 2. class

  • taking along children under the age of 6 for free

  • Subscribers benefit automatically by paying the reduced price only.

The 9-Euro-Ticket costs 9 Euro for each calendar month.

Transport rates and conditions for the 9-Euro-Ticket

In addition to our existing guidelines on carriage and tariff, the following transport rates and conditions apply from 1 June until 31 August 2022 for the 9-Euro-Ticket.


Further information on the 9-Euro-Ticket can be found in our FAQ.