Pupils & Youths

For school and free time

Many pupils in Hanover and the Hanover region obtain a School Card (SchulCard) and get within the GVH tariff area for free to school. All others can purchase discounted Cards. For the time after school and the summer holidays there are attractive offers as well.

Apprentices & Students

For apprenticeship and university

For apprentices and students there are special and discounted offers within the GVH. Students of the Hanoverian universities obtain the Semester Card (SemesterCard) automatically. Apprentices can choose the period of validity and the tariff area of their Mobile Card (MobilCard).

Generation 63plus

For everyone in the best age

For all 63-plus year-olds, who like to travel within the GVH tariff area, we recommended to purchase our GVH Mobile Card 63 plus. It is also available as a subscription and for the extended tariff area.

In case of subscriptions, a temporary arrangement applies: All current and future customers, born before 01.01.1956, can sign up for a Mobile Card 63plus subscription even if they are not 63 yet.

Major Customers & Companies

For employees and members

Your employees get to work relaxed by bus and tram. If you offer a corporate subscription (FirmenAbo) or a multiple subscription (SammelBestellerAbo), you support environmentally friendly mobility and save not only parking space but taxes as well.

Social Tariff

For entitled persons

If you have a Region S Card (Region-S-Karte), you travel particularly favourable within the GVH Tariff area because in this case you may purchase the GVH Mobile Card S.