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Großraum-Verkehr Hannover GmbH
Karmarschstr. 30/32, 30159 Hanover
Phone: +49 511 5909000
Head office: Hanover
Managing Director: Ulf-Birger Franz
Chairman of the association committee: Steffen Krach
District Court of Hanover / HRB 209295
VAT ID No. DE 286 132 728


  • Region Hannover - öffentlich-rechtliche Körperschaft -
    Hildesheimer Straße 20, 30169 Hanover
  • ÜSTRA Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe AG
    Am Hohen Ufer 6, 30159 Hanover
  • DB Regio AG, Region Nord
    Rundestraße 11, 30161 Hannover
  • regiobus Hannover GmbH
    Georgstraße 54, 30159 Hanover
  • metronom Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH
    St.-Viti-Straße 15, 29525 Uelzen
  • erixx GmbH
    Biermannstraße 33, 29221 Celle
  • WestfalenBahn GmbH
    Zimmerstraße 8, 33602 Bielefeld

Responsible according to § 18 para 2 MStV: 

Tolga Otkun
GVH – Großraum-Verkehr Hannover GmbH
c/o regiobus Hannover GmbH
Georgstraße 54
30159 Hannover

Responsible for the Mobility shop:

ÜSTRA Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe AG
Am Hohen Ufer 6
30159 Hannover

Represented by the Board: Elke van Zadel (Chairwoman), Denise Hain, Regina Oelfke

Register court:
Commercial Register: Amtsgericht Hannover HRB 37 91
VAT ID No .: DE 811 11 61 76
Tax No .: 25/202/00302 (parent SG)
Tax No .: 25/202/00329 (ÜSTRA)
Tel. (0511) 1668-0

Arbitration board:

The transport companies in the GVH as contractual partners of the customers are willing to participate in consumer arbitration proceedings. In order to settle disagreements in the context of a transport contract, it is possible to call a suitable arbitration board. Pursuant to Article 14 (1) of Regulation (EU) No. 524/2023, we would like to point out that the European Union's online dispute resolution platform can be accessed at the following address:

A suitable arbitration board for the transport companies ÜSTRA, regiobus, metronom and erixx is "SNUB - Die  Nahverkehrs-Schlichtungsstelle e. V." (Postfach 6025, 30060 Hannover, For Deutsche BahnTransdev and start Niedersachsen Mitte the competent authority is the "Söp-Schlichtungstelle für den Personenverkehr" ( For WestfalenBahn, the competent authority is the "Schlichtungsstelle Nahverkehr SNV" (


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