There is more than one way to buy tickets!

You can purchase Tickets for the GVH in many ways: in the sales centres and the vending machines or online in the Mobility Shop and in the GVH App. Where to buy the Ticket of your choice and what you need in order to get it is given in the detailed descriptions of our tickets. Below you will find an overview of our individual distribution channels.

Please note that ticket sales are currently not possible on the bus.

Bild von einer Frau mit Maske, die an einer Haltestelle steht und im Smartphone die GVH App geöffnet hat. Im Hintergrund befindet sich eine Stadtbahn.
In 2020, the GVH app was renewed. Since then, passengers have been able to purchase all tickets digitally in individual sales. © GVH/Przyklenk

Travel smarter within the entire GVH area: Our user-friendly app provides you with your personal ticket machine at all times. Individual travel information and current announcements are included.

In addition to Day, Single and Short trip tickets, personal monthly passes (including the Regional tariff), youth pass, monthy and annual pass U21, 6 trip Single and  6 trip Day tickets are also available in the app. This means that the entire GVH ticket range can be accessed in individual sales around the clock. The tickets can be purchased securely and easily via the app, many even without registering. You can pay with Google Pay and Apple Pay, PayPal or credit card. In addition, a SEPA direct debit is available to registered customers.

To the Google Play Store

To the App Store

Centrally located, open long hours and with a wide range of offers: The GVH Customer Centre is located in the heart of Hanover's city, directly at the "Platz der Weltausstellung". Here, our employees are available for all kinds of questions. Of course you can as well buy tickets there. Furthermore many other GVH services are available.


The GVH Customer Centre offers for example:

  • All tickets for buses and trams for the public transport
  • Subscription request forms
  • All timetables
  • Journey planning information for all means of transportation of the GVH
  • Tickets for events
  • Consultation concerning discounts for CarSharing and Taxi
  • Carshare contracts on the counter of the Stadtmobil Hannover GmbH
  • Information material concerning the city and the region
  • Information on barrier-free travel by buses and trams
  • Mobility advisory for groups, conference participants and institutions

That's how you can contact the GVH Customer Centre:

  • Karmarschstraße 30/32, 30159 Hannover
  • Phone: +49 511 590-9000
  • Fax: +49 511 1668-2010

The GVH Customer Centre is open:

  • From Monday to Friday 09:30 am to 08:00 pm
  • On Saturday from 09:30 am to 06:00 pm

The GVH subscription center in the customer centre can be contacted:

  • By phone +49 511 590-9000 from Monday to Friday from 06:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., on Saturday from 06:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 07:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.
  • At any time via e-mail at info@gvh.de

In the round about 100 GVH Service Centres you get a comprehensive consultation and service on all tickets, timetables and other information everywhere in the Hanover region. If you don't need advice, but perhaps just want to quickly buy a Day ticket or a Monthly pass, you can get it as well at one of the approximately 100 Sales Centres in the region. The sales centres are marked by a banner with the GVH logo. In the kiosks, stationery shops and other stores you will in most cases get the entire GVH assortment.

One of our service and sales points is guaranteed to be near you. You will find an overview here.

At all tram stops of the ÜSTRA and in the stations of the regional and suburban trains you can find vending machines with touch screen technology. There you can buy tickets for your journey within the GVH tariff area. You can pay with coins and notes, credit cards, girocards (EC cards) or contacless payment via girocard.

The ÜSTRA vending machines offermost of GVH tickets for individual sale. The Day and Single tickets are valid for the immediate start of journey and validated already. If you buy a Monthly pass, you can chose the start of validity.  You can not buy the 6 trip Single ticket, 6 trip Day ticket, Regional tariff and 1. class offers at the vending machines.

If you buy tickets at the vending machines of the Deutsche Bahn (DB), the WestfalenBahn, the metronom or the enno, you have to validate your ticket before departure. The ticket validators can be found in all buses and trams of the GVH as well as at all stops, in the tunnel stations of the trams, in railway station areas of the DB and at platform accesses.

At the DB, metronom and WestfalenBahn vending machines you can as well buy Monthly passes and Monthly passes in the Regional tariff. Tickets for the GVH partner erixx can be purchased at the DB vending machines.

Tickets can not only be purchased at the vending machines, point of sale locations or via App. If you would like to travel by bus of ÜSTRA or regiobus, you can get a ticket cashless and directly from the bus driver. The buses are equipped with card readers, which accept all commercially available debit/credit cards or other cashless payment systems. Like this, you can also get tickets spontaneously or when time is running out. The tickets are valid for an immediate start of journey and are automatically validated.

In the buses you can purchase all kinds of tickets, valid within the GVH tariff area, except the 6 trip Single ticket and 6 trip Day ticket, tickets for the 1. class and tickets in the Regional tariff.

If you are travelling with regiobus, you can as well buy Monthly passes from the driver.