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Bild von einem fahrenden ÜSTRA Bus in der Innenstadt
© GVH/Jenko Sternberg

Our range of tickets in the social tariff

Are you the owner of a Region S pass (Region-S-Karte)? Then take advantage of our discounted products in the social tariff! Here you can get an overview of our range of tickets in the social tariff and thus find the right ticket quickly and easily.

  • Day ticket S (for authorised persons only)

    With the Day ticket S, eligible persons can travel a whole day within the GVH tariff area at a quite discounted price – until 05:00 a.m. of the following day. As authorisation to use the Day ticket S you need a Region S pass (Region-S-Karte).

    3,10 € - 4,90 €

    AorBorC 3,10 €
    ABorBC 4,00 €
    ABC 4,90 €
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  • Monthly pass S (for authorised persons only)

    If you are in possession of a Region S pass (Region-S-Karte), you can purchase the Monthly pass S and save about 40 % compared to a regular Monthly pass. You can freely choose the first day of validity. At the weekends and public holidays the whole day long and from Monday to Friday from 07:00 p.m. until 05:00 a.m. of the following day you can take one co-travelling adult and up to three children under the age of 18 (all travellers must also be in possession of a Region S pass).

    28,20 € - 67,30 €

    A 40,90 €
    BorC 28,20 €
    AB 54,80 €
    BC 40,60 €
    ABC 67,30 €
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Summary of tariff zones:

The zones A, B and C cover the entire tariff area for all passengers – regardless of whether they use Single tickets, Day tickets or Monthly passes.

  • Zone Acovers the city area
  • Zone Bcovers adjacent towns and municipalitiesCities Isernhagen, Garbsen, Seelze, Ronnenberg, Hemmingen
  • Zone Ccovers more remote rural areas of the Hannover regionCities Leehrte, Uetze, Großburgwedel, Mellendorf

Each tariff zone has its own colour, which is used always in connection with the corresponding zone designation.

Tariff Zone MapThe chart shows the listed urban areas and places of the tariff zones A, B, and C.
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More tickets:

  • Frequent passengers

    For people who regularly travel by bus and train in the GVH area, our monthly passes and subscription offers are worthwhile. To help you find the right ticket quickly and easily, here is an overview of our range of tickets for frequent travelers. Subscribers also benefit from a special advantage: With the GVH subscription, you have the opportunity…

  • Occasional passengers

    If you only travel by bus, tram and train in the GVH from time to time, you can use our one-way tickets and other products. These are perfect for visitors and tourists of the Hanover region. Here you can get an overview of our range of tickets for occasional travelers and thus always find the right ticket!

  • Pupils, young people & apprentices

    For apprentices, students, pupils and young people, the GVH has special and particularly inexpensive offers. You will find an overview of all products here, so that you can quickly find the right ticket offer for you.