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  • Occasional passengers

    If you only travel by bus, tram and train in the GVH from time to time, you can use our one-way tickets and other products. These are perfect for visitors and tourists of the Hanover region. Here you can get an overview of our range of tickets for occasional travelers and thus always find the right ticket!

  • Senior passes

    With the Senior pass, pensioners who have reached the age of 60 and are no longer gainfully employed can travel around Hanover and the surrounding area at particularly low prices. The Senior pass is available individually as well as on a subscription basis. Subscribers also benefit from a special advantage: With the GVH subscription, you have the…

News from the GVH

  • sprinti: individual and flexible

    sprinti has been operating in Sehnde, Springe and Wedemark since June 1. With a total of 20 vans of the type "Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mobility", the bus service in the above-mentioned municipalities is supplemented in a meaningful way.
  • The new GVH App

    Travel smarter within the entire GVH area: Our user-friendly app provides you with your personal ticket machine at all times. Individual travel information and current announcements are included. Simply uninstall the old app and directly download the new app!
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  • FAQ Covid-19

    Here you will find the most important questions and answers about coronavirus and the GVH!
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