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We are at your service: all over the Hannover region

Would you rather obtain comprehensive advice or simply buy a ticket? You can get all the information you need and also buy tickets at our 150 plus GVH Service and Sales Centres. Our 70 or so Service Centres are equipped to offer a more comprehensive advice as compared to our other 80 Sales Centres in the region.

Seitliche Außenansicht einer Verkaufsstelle mit Fokus auf das GVH Schild
You can obtain a large part of tickets at our Sales centres. A sign with the GVH logo helps you to recognize them from the outside. © GVH/Przyklenk

Sales centres near you

Do you need a ticket urgently? You can buy Single tickets, Day tickets or Monthly passes at any of our more than 80 Sales Centres in the region as well as at the ticket vending machines of ÜSTRA and the vending machines of metronom, enno, WestfalenBahn, erixx, DB, start und Transdev. You can recognise the Sales Centres from a flag or sign with the GVH logo. These kiosks, stationery shops and other outlets sell most of our range of tickets.


Video travel centres

The S-Bahn Hannover (Transdev) has video travel centres consisting of a video ticket vending machine with an additional, second, large screen, microphone and loudspeaker. Passengers can communicate in real time with a service employee - just like having a conversation with an agent at a sales point, except that the advisor is present online via video.

Service & detailed advice

Do you need more in-depth advice or do you have a specific service request? You can get all the information you need about fares, the route network and tickets, and of course you can also buy tickets at our 70 plus GVH service points. You can also get your customer card and subscription applications for all passes at the Service Centres. Guests in the Hannover region are also provided with tips on travel and excursion destinations.

Find out now about other service offers in the GVH:

  • Where to get tickets?

    Whether by app or in person at the customer center, you can find an overview of the ways in which you can buy your ticket here.

  • Barrier-free travel

    The GVH stands up for barrier-free local transport and equivalent mobility opportunities. Wheelchair users, persons with a pram or with big luggage, as well as persons with visual and hearing disabilities, children and elderly people will benefit.

    Picture of a person with wheelchair on a ramp entering a bus
  • GVH guarantee

    If you travel by bus and rail within the GVH, you will arrive on time and you will find clean vehicles. That is guaranteed by the GVH transport companies.