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We bring you safely to your destination

We would like you to feel safe while travelling with GVH buses and trams. With our safety precautions at stops, in vehicles and with our specially trained experienced security staff we ensure that. You can also learn more about how to behave in critical situations and how to act with civil courage.


Bild von einer Notruf-Info-Säule in einer Tunnelstation, im Hintergrund befindet sich eine einfahrende Stadtbahn.
In the tunnel stations there are defibrillators and emergency information pillars that can be used in case of need. © GVH/Przyklenk

Safety precautions at stops and in vehicles

In the underground stations of the city trams and at many over ground stations you can find emergency call and information pillars. Don't hesitate to release an alarm – even if the situation seems not that critical to you. In this case, please push the red SOS button. If it is not particularly urgent, please push the green information button: for example, if you notice that a vending machine is out of order or the light doesn't work. By pushing the green information button, you can as well receive information on schedules.

The TW 2000 (so-called Silberpfeil) and TW 3000 of the ÜSTRA are equipped with interphones, where you can connect with the driver. Furthermore, you can find emergency brakes at the doors which you should pull in case of emergency or danger. In case of a medical emergency you can find defibrillators in the underground stations.

Always there for you: our security personnel

All employees of the partners are committed to your safety. If required, they initiate help and call the police or the rescue service.

At ÜSTRA, the protec security personnel checks in two-person teams the stops and vehicles in order to avoid hotspots.

In the trains of the partners metronom, erixx and Westfalenbahn as well as in the suburban rails, all trains are accompanied by passenger attendants. If required by the circumstances or if higher safety risks are expected, we provide additional personnel. The Transdev lines and the trains of start are accompanied all day by a customer advisor.

Arrive home safe and sound from the stop

In order to avoid a long way home from the station in the evening, we offer the „Getting off between two stops” service after 08:00 p.m. on the bus lines, provided the traffic permits so. Please inform the driver in good time where you would like to get off.

Under certain circumstances, you have the possibility to order a taxi at the ÜSTRA driver, waiting for you at the stop in order to bring you home safely. Please announce your wish before departure in order to make use of the free taxi call service. All female passengers, also accompanied by children, can order a women's night taxi in the evening hours and at night to the stop at which they are getting off. You can find further details under the heading Taxiservices.

Acting in critical situations: this is what you can do

  • Make use of our emergency call and information pillars at the stations: when you press the emergency button, you are connected to the central control station or the 3-S-centre of DB (service, safety and spruceness).
  • Don't hesitate to release an alarm – even if the situation seems not that critical to you yet.
  • Please inform the public transport staff (in the city rails and trains via the interphones at the doors).
  • Apply the emergency brake.
  • Get help by yourself via your mobile phone.
  • In case of medical emergencies, use the defibrillators in the city rail stations where appropriate.
Detailaufnahme von einer seitlichen Ansicht eines Smartphones, das von einer Person in der Hand gehalten wird.
Do not remain inactive in critical situations, but request help if necessary, for example via your cell phone.© GVH/B&B.

Emergency numbers

  • In case of fire or smoke call: fire brigade 112
  • In case of medical emergencies (disease, breakdown) call: emergency physician 112
  • In the event of accidents call: police 110
  • In case of harassment, threat, violence or wanton destruction call: police 110

Additional emergency numbers

  • From city rails call: protec +49 511 27091020
  • From trains (DB Regio, Transdev, WestfalenBahn, metronom, erixx, start Niedersachsen Mitte) call: federal police force +49 800 6888000

How to act with civil courage

  • If you or other passengers are harassed, you should always take action. Don’t look away! The earlier we show offenders that they do not have an easy job, the easier is normally the resistance.
  • It’s often enough to demonstrate confident manner and speak clear words in order to hold off potential attackers. Speak up and speak clearly in order to call the attention of the other passengers.
  • Clearly express your desire: „Please stop looking at me that way!“ And repeat it until the offender moves back. Do not get angry, remain polite and keep distance, stand close to other passengers.
  • If you observe that someone is harassed, make eye contact with the victim. Ask whether help is needed. Ask bystanders to help. Do not interfere inconsiderate and don’t provoke the offender. Keep in mind that civil courage means also not to endanger yourself.
  • In case of doubt call the police. This is important in all danger situations: even if you could not be active during the situation, provide information as a witness. Thus, you can help to find the offender and no other attacks can take place.

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