Deutschland ticket can now be booked with GVH

Customers can order the Deutschland ticket at GVH (Großraum-Verkehr Hannover) from Monday, 8th May 2023. The start of sale planned for 1st of May had to be postponed by a month after the massive hacker attack on the IT systems of ÜSTRA, which is responsible for the customer and subscription management in GVH. We have been working “behind the scenes” under extreme pressure for successfully eliminating the technical problems in the past week so that the coveted ticket is now available at GVH also.


Interested people can order their Deutschland ticket through apply for subscription (available in German only).

Customers are guided here through the various steps required for ordering in a clear and convenient way. When you complete the ordering process, you first get a booking summary. It can take a few days for you to get the booking confirmation. Unfortunately, a faster confirmation is not possible as a repercussion of the said hacker attack. GVH apologises for the inconvenience.

The customer gets the ticket itself no later than 48 hours before the start of validity. The buyer has to use the GVH app to get the ticket. The ordered ticket is provided on the app. If you are not using the GVH app as yet, you can get it in App Store for iPhone and in Google Play for Android phones. Mandatory: The same email address must be used for ordering the ticket through ‘apply for subscription’ and registration on the GVH app. Other the ticket cannot be assigned correctly. The ticket is not transferable and can only be used by the person, for whom it was ordered and is named on the ticket.

As specified by the Federal Government, the Deutschland ticket is a digital ticket. The GVH is working on the possibility of also offering the Deutschland ticket additionally as a smart card. It is however not possible by 1st June.

The Deutschland ticket is valid in the entire GVH region irrespective of time and zone. Furthermore, it is valid in the whole range of local transport in Germany. There is no restriction to certain fare zones or times here as well. The Deutschland ticket is not valid outside Germany. Long-distance trains such as IC, ICE, and Flixtrain cannot be used with the Deutschland ticket. One of the few exceptions: The Deutschland ticket is valid on the Bremen main station – Norddeich Mole/Emden-Außenhafen route in IC/EC. Purely tourist transportation such as cable cars also cannot be used with the Deutschland ticket, provided they are not a part of the public transportation. It is also not valid for Maschsee shipping in Hannover


The price for the Deutschland ticket is Euro 49 per month. You can pay for it exclusively by SEPA direct debit. The amount is generally debit between the 10th and 15th of a month.

The Deutschland ticket can be obtained only in subscription and can be cancelled by the month. The 10th of the previous month is consistently considered as the last possible day for cancellation throughout Germany.

The well-known rule on additional persons in GVH for monthly pass holders is not included with the Deutschland ticket. However, GVH is planning on offering the subscribers of Deutschland ticket an additional packet for the monthly price of 4.90 Euro in retail sale, which will include the rule on additional persons (monthly pass holders can bring one adult and up to three children along with them for free after 07:00 P.M. on workdays and full days on weekends and holidays). But then this will be valid only in the GVH fare zones as before. However, this additional offer will not be available by 1st June as yet. GVH will announce further information on it in the course of the next week.


If you already have a Deutschland ticket subscription with another service provider and would now like to switch to GVH, you should cancel your existing subscription. It is necessary to follow the respective specific termination periods or modalities. The Deutschland ticket can then be purchased from GVH as Described.


Those interested can additionally use a 1st class upgrade on 1st June. It entitles you to the use of 1st class on the relevant trains in ABC zones of GVH in conjunction with the Deutschland ticket. This ticket is available in GVH at an unchanged price of 66.00 Euro per month and only in retail sale. The 1st class surcharge will be offered in the GVH app at the end of May.


The already announced new variants of the Job-ticket will also be usable from 1st June. It is based on a corresponding contract between a company and GVH. Companies, which are interested in one of the offered models for their employees can contact us at The D-ticket Job can be started with GVH up to 10th of the respective previous month.

For overview: In addition to the previous GVH Job-ticket, the GVH is introducing new Job-ticket products, which are based on Deutschland ticket and also valid throughout Germany.

Companies located in Hannover Region can purchase the D-ticket Job Hannover for their employees at this location. The company provides an allowance of 25% of 49 Euro, the employees pay a maximum of Euro 30.40 a month. This amounts to 365 Euro per month.

Similarly, there is the D-ticket Job Hannover 100 only for companies located in Hannover region, where the employees of the location in Hannover region get the Job-ticket free of cost. This can be done by an extra payment of 60% of 49 Euro by the employer.

Residents of Hannover region, who currently get the Region-S card can use the Deutschland ticket at a discounted purchase amount, which comes to a 365-Euro ticket over a period of one year. Those entitled to this will get the Deutschland ticket by ordering as is the usual procedure, also via The difference: A photo of the personal Region-S card must be uploaded during the ordering process as credential. Here also: The ticket will be provided via the GVH app no later than 48 hours before the start of validity if ordered on time.

Volunteer pass holders, who already have a 365-Euro ticket in GVH can also transfer this ticket to Deutschland ticket or apply for a new Deutschland ticket, provided they live in the Hannover region. A photo of the personal Lower-Saxony volunteer pass must be uploaded during the ordering process as credential.

Students in turn can upgrade their GVH Semester ticket to Deutschland ticket. The price for it is 16.67 Euro a month. The personal enrolment certificate must be uploaded during the ordering process as credential. The GVH Semester ticket and D-ticket Upgrade are together considered as a Germany-wide ticket.