Timetable change in GVH

The new annual timetables will apply in Großraum-Verkehr Hannover (GVH) from Sunday, 10th December 2023 onwards. For passengers, this also means new line numbers at ÜSTRA, a route extension to Hemmingen and improvements to the existing bus and rail services. The changes at ÜSTRA and regiobus in detail:


[Translate to English:] Linie 13 Hemmingen
From the timetable change (December 10, 2023), line 13 will take you to Hemmingen and have six new stops.

Something new at ÜSTRA in light rails

Line 9: more carriages and silver light rail links from the change in timetable onwards

In future, line 9 will only run permanently between the “Hauptbahnhof” station and the “Empelde” terminus. The section to “Fasanenkrug” will be taken over by the new line 13. It is possible to change between line 9 and the new line 13 in the direction of “Fasanenkrug” on the same platform at one of the tunnel stations between “Waterloo” and “Hauptbahnhof”. Another new feature is that from the change in the timetable onwards, the “Silberpfeil”, the TW 2000 train type, will be used on line 9. The trains are expected to run as three-car trains from Mondays to Fridays. This will increase passenger capacity on the highly frequented route of line 9.

New for night owls: Line 12

Line 12 replaces the “crossed-out line 10”, which normally only runs at night between “Ahlem” and the “Waterloo” tunnel section up to “Hauptbahnhof”. The timetable change thus provides clearer labelling for the lines.

The new line 13 goes to Hemmingen

In future, the new line 13 will connect the new terminus “Hemmingen” with the terminus “Fasanenkrug”. In all, there are six new, completely barrier-free stops:

  • “Unter den Birken” (replaces the previous bus stop “Menzelstraße”)
  • “Stadtfriedhof Ricklingen”
  • “Hemmingen/Saarstraße” (previous name: “Westerfeld/Saarstraße”)
  • “Hemmingen/Zentrum” (previous name: “Westerfeld/Deveser Straße”)
  • “Hemmingen/Berliner Straße” (previous name: “Westerfeld/Berliner Straße”)
  • Terminus: “Hemmingen”

The Hemmingen terminus is designed as an interchange point. Connections are made there to the regiobus lines 360, 365 and 366 as well as to the sprintH line 300 and the Nachtliner N31.

Event lines to the exhibition centre: Line numbers 16 and 18 will be ended

Line numbers 16 and 18 will be stopped with the change in timetable. The lines were originally introduced for EXPO2000 as so-called event lines to support lines 6 (“Messe/Ost”) and 8 (“Messe/Nord”) to the exhibition centre. In the future, there will continue to be a number of additional trains to events such as trade fairs and concerts, albeit without a dedicated line. This means that passengers do not have to remember any extra lines.

Frequency adjustment on line 17

Due to the route extension to Hemmingen, four light rail lines will run on the section between the stops “Allerweg” and “Wallensteinstraße” from the change in timetable onwards. In order to cope with the increased volume of traffic, line 17 will run every 20 minutes from Monday to Friday in future. The 20-minute frequency on Saturdays and the 30-minute frequency on Sundays will continue.

Something new at ÜSTRA in city buses

New terminus for line 122 in Langenhagen

The terminus of bus line 122 in Langenhagen is changing: whereas it previously served “Langenhagen/Im Gehäge”, the new terminus will be called “Langenhagen/Pferderennbahn” from the change in timetable on. All stops between “Vier Grenzen” and “Langenhagen/Grenzheide” will continue to be served.

New routing and increased frequency on line 363

Line 363 has a new route. The buses will run between “Wettbergen” and the terminus “Peiner Straße” from the change in timetable. The route between “Wettbergen” and “Grundschule Wettbergen” will run parallel to the existing line 129. New stops are “Erna-Mohr-Straße” and “Auf dem Grethel” (in the In der Rehre street). From “Hemmingen/Saarstraße” the route continues as before to the terminus “Peiner Straße”. From Mondays to Fridays, line 363 will run more frequently from the timetable change: in the morning, buses will run every 30 minutes instead of every hour.

Additional journeys to the “Airport Business Park” on line 470

From the timetable change onwards, line 470 will once again run three trips from the “Flughafen” stop to “Airport Business Park West”. The background to this is the improved connection to the branch of a large freight provider. In addition, the stops “General Aviation Terminal” and “Flughafenendirektion” will also be served again.

Journey times are adjusted

The journey times for the light rail and bus lines in the GVH are adjusted in order to further improve punctuality. The exact times are available online as usual at www.gvh.de . The timetables at the respective stops and tunnel stations will be successively replaced. Passengers are therefore requested to use the online information as an alternative.

Ausschnitt eines sprintH Busses. Es ist ein Teil der Vodertür zu sehen.
In the future, sprintH line 300 will travel from Pattensen to the Hemmingen interchange.© GVH/Ludwig

Something new at regiobus

There are some significant improvements to the regular regiobus service, as well as a service for passengers from the surrounding area that is coordinated with the new light rail line 13.

sprintH line 300: connection to Hemmingen interchange and temporary continuation till Vahrenwald

In future, the sprintH line 300 will travel from Pattensen to the Hemmingen interchange. The “Hemmingen/Zentrum” and “Hemmingen/Saarstraße” stops will then be served. The route then goes directly to the “Göttinger Straße” stop and then continues unchanged to the “Hauptbahnhof/ZOB” stop. A new addition is a temporary continuation on weekdays from approx. 06.30 am to approx. 07.00 pm to the “Dragonerstraße” stop. The stops “Welfenstraße”, “Werderstraße” and “Vahrenwalder Platz” will also be served. The changes apply in both directions. In addition, the sprintH line 300 now runs every 10 minutes on weekdays and, in line with the light rail system, also on Saturdays from around 12.00 noon to 7.00 pm. This will create an optimum connection between the light rail and bus services at the new terminus in Hemmingen.

The regiobus lines 360 and 366 increase the frequency between Hiddestorf and Hemmingen

The regiobus line 360 will follow a new route in future. It previously travelled between Bennigsen and the “Wallensteinstraße” stop; in future it will travel from Bennigsen to “Peiner Straße”. From “Hemmingen/Sportfeld” it will take over the existing route of regiobus line 366. The section between “Hemmingen/Sportfeld” and “Peiner Straße” will be cancelled accordingly on regiobus line 366, which in future will only run till the “Hemmingen/KGS” stop. Together, regiobus lines 360 and 366 run every 30 minutes between Hiddestorf and Hemmingen on weekdays. The existing frequency of regiobus line 360 will be doubled on weekends, so that in future there will be a connection between Bennigsen and Peiner Str. every hour. The Saturday service on regiobus line 366 will be cancelled, but will be compensated between Hiddestorf and Hemmingen by the more frequent connection of regiobus line 360.

regiobus line 365: New terminus

In future, regiobus line 365 will travel to the new terminus “Hemmingen/KGS” instead of the “Wallensteinstraße” stop. From here, the line connects to the light rail after the “Hemmingen/Berliner Straße” stop via the new Hemmingen interchange. The regiobus line 365 then runs without stopping via Weetzener Landstraße to the “Hemmingen/Kapellenweg” stop and from here to Pattensen as usual. Two additional stops on Weetzener Landstraße in Hemmingen are to be added in the current 2024 timetable. Some school trips will continue to run from “Hemmingen/KGS” via “Hemmingen/Dorfstraße” and “Hemmingen/Kapellenweg” in the direction of Pattensen and back. The line will also be boosted by additional journeys and an extension of regiobus line 367, which will travel the same route from Wilkenburg to Pattensen in future.

regiobus line 367: Additional trips and extension

The regiobus line 367 was previously only used for school transport with three trips per day. The line now runs every 60 minutes from Monday to Friday. In addition, regiobus line 367 will be extended from Arnum to “Pattensen/ZOB”, thus boosting regiobus line 365. On weekdays, this will create a 30-minute interval between Wilkenburg and Pattensen via Arnum and Harkenbleck. A new connection, not requiring change, between Hanover-Wülfel and Pattensen is also being created.

Hemmingen/Börie and Hemmingen/KGS stop regulations

As the “Hemmingen/Börie” and “Hemmingen/KGS” stops are just a few metres apart, the following regulation applies to regiobus lines 360, 363, 365 and 366:

  • If the bus stops at the “Hemmingen/Börie” stop (360, 363), it will not stop at “Hemmingen/KGS”
  • If the starting point or terminus is “Hemmingen/KGS” (365, 366), the bus will not stop at “Hemmingen/Börie”

sprintH Line 400: Frequency extension

From Monday to Friday, the sprintH line 400 will offer the existing 20-minute frequency until 8.30 pm instead of 7.30 pm.

sprintH line 500: Additional trips

In future, the sprintH line 500 will connect Gehrden with the city of Hanover even more frequently during off-peak hours. The existing 15-minute frequency will be extended from 9.00 pm to 10.30 pm from Mondays to Saturdays. The 15-minute frequency will also start at 08.00 am on Saturdays in future. In addition, the frequency of trips on Sundays between 12.00 pm and 08.00 pm will be increased from every 30 minutes to every 20 minutes.

regiobus line 510: Additional trips

In future, regiobus line 510 will offer two additional trips in the morning from the “Empelde” light rail terminus to the “Empelde/Lange Straße” stop in the industrial park, from Mondays to Fridays. In the afternoon and evening, there will be an additional trip from the stop to the light rail terminus. The line will also run one hour longer in the evening from Monday to Saturday.

sprintH line 600 and regiobus line 639: Additional stops in the industrial park

The “Großburgwedel/Erster Berkhopsweg” stop in the industrial estate west of the A7 motorway will in future be served by sprintH line 600 and regiobus line 639 in addition to line 638. Employees of local companies now have much better travel options at shift change times; in the direction of Langenhagen and Hanover and also in the direction of Burgdorf. In addition, the sprintH line 600 will in future have an additional trip from Langenhagen to Großburgwedel at 8.00 pm from Monday to Friday.

regiobus line 635: Additional trips

From Monday to Friday, regiobus line 635 will run twice as often in future and will run every 30 minutes between 6.00 am and 6.00 pm instead of the previous 60-minute frequency.

Ruftaxi Isernhagen: Higher frequency

The Ruftaxi in Isernhagen will run twice as often on weekends from the change in timetable onwards. Instead of every two hours, the taxi will run every hour in future.

NachtLiner N31: New starting point

In future, the NachtLiner N31 will no longer start at the “Wallensteinstraße” stop, but at the new Hemmingen interchange. The area along Göttinger Landstraße covered by the new line 13 will no longer be served by the NachtLiner 31 in future.

Renaming of stops in the Großraum-Verkehr Hannover

In order to ensure consistent, correct and constant information for our passengers, some stops will be renamed (in some cases in advance of the elevated platforms of the light rail being built at a different location):

Hanover area

  • “Forst Heidehaus” (lines 400, 450) becomes “Am Heidehaus”
  • “Ungerstraße” (lines 10, 170, 700) becomes “Freizeitheim Linden” (in future also line 12)

Hemmingen area

  • "Westerfeld/Alfred-Bentz-Straße” becomes “Hemmingen/Alfred-Bentz-Straße” (current and future lines 360, 366)
  • “Westerfeld/Berliner Straße” (currently lines 363, 365, 366) becomes “Hemmingen/Berliner Straße” (in future lines 13, 360, 363, 365, 366)
  • “Westerfeld/Deveser Straße” (currently lines 300, 360, 363, 365, 366) becomes “Hemmingen/Zentrum” (in future lines 13, 300, 360, 363, 366)
  • “Westerfeld/Köllnbrinkweg” (currently lines 363, 365, 366) becomes “Hemmingen/Köllnbrinkweg” (in future lines 360, 363, 365, 366)
  • “Westerfeld/Queckenhorst” (current and future lines 360, 366) becomes “Hemmingen/Queckenhorst” 
  • “Westerfeld/Saarstraße” (currently lines 300, 360, 363, 365) becomes “Hemmingen/Saarstraße” (in future lines 13, 300, 363)
  • “Westerfeld/Weetzener Landstraße” (currently lines 300, 360, 366) becomes “Hemmingen/Weetzener Landstraße” (in future lines 360, 366)

Laatzen area

  • “Gleidingen/Orpheusweg” (lines 1, 390) becomes “Gleidingen”
  • “Rethen” or “Rethen/Nord” (lines 1, 2, 340, 341, 346) becomes “Rethen/Pattenser Straße”
[Translate to English:] Fahrender sprinti Bus
The on-demand offer “sprinti” will complement bus routes in 5 additional municipalities from December 10th.© GVH/B&B.

Something new from the sprinti on-demand service

On-demand transport will supplement bus lines in 5 more municipalities from 10th December onwards

The service area of sprinti, the on-demand service in the Hanover region, will be extended to five more municipalities in the south and west of the Hanover region from 10th December 2023. With Barsinghausen, Neustadt, Pattensen, Wennigsen and Wunstorf, sprinti will then be operational in a total of 12 municipalities in the GVH fare zone, completing the outer ring of the Hanover region.

sprinti will replace Ruftaxi and regular bus services at off-peak times

With the launch of sprinti, the previous Ruftaxi and bus services in Barsinghausen, Liethe, Neustadt, Pattensen and Wunstorf will be replaced with the change in timetable. The advantage for passengers is that they will be able to find a suitable trip faster and more frequently than before, not only at night and on weekends, but also during the day. As compared to the previous booking of Ruftaxis with a waiting time of at least 60 minutes, the sprinti vehicle will be available on site or at the specified location with a maximum waiting time of 20 minutes after the booking has been made via app or telephone.

Some less frequented regular regiobus services, especially on weekends or in the evenings, will also be covered by the new sprinti service from the change in timetable. Outside of peak hours, sprinti runs even more frequently than previous bus lines and offers faster and more direct connections with smaller and more efficient vehicles. The following changes will occur within the five new sprinti transport areas:


  • Lines 501 and 502: Barsinghausen city bus
    These two city bus routes in Barsinghausen will be discontinued. In future, passengers will be able to book sprinti for trips within the entire city area of Barsinghausen.
  • Line 530: Barsinghausen-Hohenbostel-Bantof-Barsinghausen
    Due to low passenger numbers in the evening, the previous trips from Mondays to Fridays at 6.12 pm and 7.12 pm from “Barsinghausen/Bahnhof” will be cancelled. 
  • Line 562: Nienstedt-Egestorf -Barsinghausen
    Nienstedt will also be part of the sprinti Barsinghausen service area from the change in timetable onwards. Bus line 562 will be retained for the morning trip from Monday to Friday at 6.34 am from Nienstedt to “Egestorf/Bahnhof” and the three school trips at 7.00 am and 8.00 am from “Nienstedt/Spielplatz” and at 1.32 pm from “Barsinghausen/Gesamtschule”. sprinti can be booked by passengers for all other trip requirements.
  • Ruftaxi Barsinghausen
    The existing Ruftaxi is being replaced by sprinti. Passengers now have a larger, more flexible range of trips with shorter waiting times.


  • Lines 801 and 802: Neustadt city transport
    The two lines will continue to be served by buses, but sprinti will take over the mobility services in the centre of Neustadt on weekdays from 06.00 pm onwards and all day on Saturdays.
  • Lines 820, 830, 840, 850, 860 and 870
    Due to the new and flexible offer of sprinti, the bus trips of the above mentioned regiobus lines from Monday to Friday at 5.32 pm and 6.32 pm from Neustadt/ZOB will be cancelled.
  • RufBus and Ruftaxi Neustadt
    The two on-demand services will be replaced by sprinti. Passengers now have a larger, more flexible range of trips with shorter waiting times.


  • Line 341: Pattensen Linientaxi and Ruftaxi
    The Linientaxi, which previously supplemented ÜSTRA line 341 with a smaller bus at off-peak hours, and the Pattensen Ruftaxi, will be replaced by the sprinti on-demand service when the timetable changes. If they want, passengers can take the sprinti to Rethen (light rail) or Bennigsen (suburban railway) as required.


  • Line 701: Wunstorf city transport
    The existing regular service on Saturdays will be provided from 3.00 pm onwards by the sprinti on-demand service. Line 701 no longer runs on Sundays and sprinti serves the Wunstorf urban area.
  • Ruftaxi Wunstorf and Ruftaxi Liethe
    Both offers will be discontinued on 9th December. From 10th December onwards, the sprinti on-demand service will operate in Wunstorf and Liethe.

There will also be further changes in the existing sprinti and regiobus transport area from 10th December: 


  • Line 926: Ehlershausen-Otze-Burgdorf
    Line 926 no longer runs on Saturdays due to low passenger numbers. Here, sprinti passengers can book from 7.00 am until 4.00 am on Sunday morning.


  • Line 621: Engensen - Wettmar - Thönse -Kleinburgwedel and 
    Line 651:  Fuhrberg - Kleinburgwedel -Großburgwedel
    Both lines are replaced by the sprinti service on Saturdays and Sundays. 


  • Line 301: Springe city transport
    From 10th December onwards, bus line 301 will only run from 9.00 am on Saturdays. Passengers who want to be mobile within the city centre of Springe before this time can alternatively book a sprinti.


  • Line 695: Plumhof - Berkhof - Elze -Mellendorf and 
    Line 698: Resse - Scherenbostel - Bissendorf - Mellendorf
    From 10th December onwards, the timetable for both lines will end at 06.00 pm on Mondays to Fridays. Passengers can then use sprinti for their routes within the municipality of Wedemark. 

The sprinti vehicle fleet

sprinti will be on the road with a total of 120 vehicles in the 12 municipalities of Barsinghausen, Burgdorf, Burgwedel, Lehrte, Neustadt, Pattensen, Sehnde, Springe, Uetze, Wedemark, Wennigsen and Wunstorf, including 100 small minibuses and, from 10th December onwards, also 20 larger minibuses. The Mercedes Benz City75 LL sprinti models offer 18 seats and are operated by ÜSTRA; the previous, smaller sprinter variant with 6 seats will continue to be operated by Via from Berlin.

sprinti travels in the GVH fare zone

To travel with sprinti, passengers need a valid ticket from Großraum-Verkehr Hannover (GVH), which can be purchased in advance or in the GVH app; the Deutschlandticket is also valid here. You cannot buy tickets in sprinti vehicles.

All further information on the entire service area and the exact operating times of sprinti can be found on the GVH homepage at https://www.gvh.de/sprinti 

Something new from the GVH fare programme

The Hemmingen/Saarstraße stop becomes a last stop

The “Hemmingen/Saarstraße” stop, previously located in fare zone B, will be a last stop in future. From the timetable change on 10th December, the stop can be reached with a ticket for Zone A from the direction of Hanover as well as with a ticket for Zone B from the direction of Hemmingen.

Niedersachsen ticket: Permanent discontinuation of the 09.00 am limit

With the timetable change on 10th December, the 09.00 am cut-off time for the Niedersachsen ticket will be permanently discontinued. In future, Niedersachsen tickets will therefore be valid on the specified travel date for any number of trips from 00.00 am on the specified travel date until 03.00 am of the following day or until the last trip marked in the timetable.

Attention: This year, too, the fare change in the GVH will not take place at the same time as the timetable change on 10th December 2023, but on 1st January 2024. Fares will remain unchanged up to and including 31st December 2023

The new line network in Hemmingen.