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The Großraum-Verkehr Hannover

Eight transport companies, one tariff, about 220 million passengers each year. The Transport Association of Greater Hanover (GVH) is one of the oldest and, at the same time, one of the most advanced transport associations in Germany. Together with nine strong partners the GVH contributes to the improvement of the mobility for the people in the Hannover Region. 


The transport association for the Hannover Region

The GVH gives you mobility and connects the people in the Hannover Region. In the big centres Hanover, Garbsen and Langenhagen as well as in the surroundings. The eight transport companies ÜSTRA, regiobus, DB Regio, Transdev, metronom, erixx, WestfalenBahn and start Niedersachsen Mitte are connected under the GVH in order to bring you directly and comfortably to your destinations. You benefit from a coordinated range of offers within the entire GVH area and a uniform tariff. We keep pace with the increasing needs of our passengers and provide easier access to the local public transport for everybody. We are continuously investing in modern vehicles, sustainable drive systems and customer-friendly digital services such as our GVH app. More and more passengers appreciate our offer, the Transport Association of Greater Hanover observes an increasing number of passengers.

Bird's eye view of the Steintor stop with two city trams and buses.
The eight transport companies ÜSTRA, regiobus, DB Regio, Transdev, metronom, erixx, WestfalenBahn and start Niedersachsen Mitte are on the road for you within the GVH area.© GVH/Przyklenk

Being mobile limitlessly within the GVH with one ticket only

The GVH coordinates a dense network of routes consisting of 170 bus lines, 12 tram lines, nine regional train lines and nine S-Bahn lines. What sets us apart is our uniform tariff. For you, this means that you can be limitlessly mobile within the entire GVH. You need only one ticket no matter which association partner vehicle you want to use.

Sustainable mobility matters a great deal to us

We are helping to protect the environment and make the Hannover Region even more liveable in. Our passengers decide on climate-friendly mobility and combine our buses and trams with the bike, car sharing or the own car. Our offer helps to achieve the ambitious climate protection aims of our partner, the Hannover Region. Not least, the modern vehicle technology also contributes. It is used e.g. in hybrid buses or the energy recovery in trams.

Our association partners

Together with nine strong partners, the GVH provides an attractive public transport and ensures mobility for the people in the Hannover Region. Eight transport companies provide its buses and trams for you – everyday.

Within the GVH, the Hannover Region coordinates a concerted transport network and a common fare system. With 51 percent, the  Hannover Region, as majority shareholder of the GVH, is responsible for the financing and operating of the local public transport for road and rail services.

The ÜSTRA is inextricably linked to the city of Hanover. It holds 33 percent of the shares in GVH and transports with its buses and trams 172 million passengers per year – environmentally friendly.

regiobus mainly operates for you in the surrounding areas of the Hannover Region. Some lines (sprintH) also go as far as the centre of Hanover. The company runs 120 lines across an area three times larger than Berlin.

The Transdev Hannover GmbH is a regional subsidiary of the Transdev group, Germany's largest private operator of rail and bus transportation with about 160 million passengers annually. Transdev Hannover GmbH is the operator for the entire S-Bahn Hannover network. The route network convers all in all annually approx. 9,3 million train-kilometres.


Together with its subsidiary DB Regio and an extended regional transport network, the Deutsche Bahn AG is a strong GVH partner. DB Regio AG provides two local transport lines for rapid connections in the Hannover Region.

The WestfalenBahn runs Monday through Sunday every half hour with its modern trains the regional express line Minden – Hanover – Braunschweig within the GVH area. Travelling with the WestfalenBahn means reaching the destination safely, comfortably and rapidly.

The erixx runs the DINSO II network on the section Hanover to Derneburg and further towards Bad Harzburg. In the Hannover Region, GVH tickets are valid in order to offer the passengers journeys to attractive local recreation areas.

metronom as largest private rail operator in Germany is as well part of the GVH. Passengers use metronom trains for a rapid connection on the route Uelzen – Hanover –Göttingen and the new enno regional trains on the route Hanover – Lehrte – Gifhorn – Wolfsburg.

The start Niedersachsen Mitte runs in the so-called Heidekreuz the routes RB 37 from Bremen Hbf via Soltau to Uelzen and the RB 38 from Hamburg-Harburg via Soltau and Walsrode to Hannover Hbf. On all lines the start Niedersachsen Mitte runs almost hourly.


The organisation

The GVH is registered as Großraum-Verkehr Hannover GmbH in the Commercial Register. Largest shareholder and sole client is the Hannover Region. Ulf-Birger Franz runs the GVH business.

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    The GVH can look back on an eventful history. On March 4, 1970, the success story began and continues to this day. Learn more about the milestones and the history of the GVH.

  • Barrier-free travel

    The GVH stands up for barrier-free local transport and equivalent mobility opportunities. Wheelchair users, persons with a pram or with big luggage, as well as persons with visual and hearing disabilities, children and elderly people will benefit.

    Picture of a person with wheelchair on a ramp entering a bus
  • Price overview

    Whether you travel occasionally by bus, tram or train, are in training or commute for work: In our tabular overview you will find the prices for all GVH tickets. This allows you to make a good comparison across all products and makes it easier for you to find the offer that suits you best.