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No additional ticket required: Traveling in the GVH with the DB City ticket

If you have a DB ticket for long-distance travel as "Sparpreis" or "Flexpreis", in most cases you need no additional ticket from the station to your final destination. The free ride to your starting station is as well possible with the DB City ticket. The DB City Ticket is valid in GVH zone A.

The BahnCard 100 includes as well the DB City ticket. Holders can make as many journeys as they like within the GVH zone A with buses and trams.

You can get the City ticket:

  • For long-distance journeys with an IC, EC or ICE
  • If you have a DB ticket as "Spar-" or "Flexpreis" (the City ticket is not available for "Super Sparpreis", see DB City mobile)
  • If the destination station of your journey is at least 100 kilometers away

The City ticket is valid:

  • For journeys in the buses and trams within the zone A
  • For one journey to the starting station and one from the station to the destination
  • From the first day of validity of the ticket until the close of operations at the "City- Return"-Day (maximum 05:00 a.m. of the following day)
  • For holders of a BahnCard 100 for as many journeys as you like with all buses and trams in zone A

If you like to extend the City ticket, you just need a ticket for one zone (B) or two zones (BC). Depending on how far the journey goes. An overview of our routings is available here (available in German only).

  • The City ticket is already included in the DB tickets (for "Spar-" or "Flexpreis").

  • You can identify the City ticket due to the notation "+City".

More information available (available in German only) at Deutschen Bahn.