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Youth pass

With the Youth pass (up to the age of 22) you can travel extremely favourably within the entire GVH tariff area (ABC). But you must be pupil (primary school and lower and upper secondary school) and also not entitled to use free transport because of the School pass or you are not carrying out a voluntary service (FSJ / FÖJ / FWJ / BFD). The pass is also valid in your free time and during school holidays. Apprentices (all part time apprentices of vocational schools up to the age of 22) can also use the Youth pass for 15 euros per month. Furthermore, a free and valid customer card is required.

Price overview with price levels

ABC 15,00 €

Ticket validity

  • Vehicles
    • For as many journeys you like in the buses, trams and trains within the GVH tariff area
  • Interval
    • From the first chosen day of validity until 05:00 a.m. at the same day of the following month (example: from 17th May to 17th June 05:00 a.m.)
    1 month
  • Person
    • For the holder only
    • For all pupils (primary school and lower and upper secondary school) up to the age of 22, who not entitled to use free transport because of the School pass
    • For all participants in FSJ / FÖJ / FWJ and Bufdi up to the age of 22
    • For apprentices (all part-time students of vocational schools) up to and including 22 years of age
    • Free, valid customer card is always required
    1 person
  • Traveller class
    • For the 2nd class

You can get the ticket:

Bild vom Inneren des GVH Kundenzentrums mit Personen, die an den Schaltern stehen

Summary of tariff zones:

The zones A, B and C cover the entire tariff area for all passengers – regardless of whether they use Single tickets, Day tickets or Monthly passes.

  • Zone Acovers the city area
  • Zone Bcovers adjacent towns and municipalitiesCities Isernhagen, Garbsen, Seelze, Ronnenberg, Hemmingen
  • Zone Ccovers more remote rural areas of the Hannover regionCities Leehrte, Uetze, Großburgwedel, Mellendorf

Each tariff zone has its own colour, which is used always in connection with the corresponding zone designation.

Tariff Zone MapThe chart shows the listed urban areas and places of the tariff zones A, B, and C.
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More information

That is what you need for a Youth pass: