Words help  to avoid what is worse

The earlier we show offenders that they do not have an easy job, the less extensive is the resistance normally. If you feel that someone means mischief, a confident and conscious sight is sometimes all it needs. Or use sentences like: "What are you doing?", "What is going on here?" and "Does someone have a mobile phone?" Before physical violence occurs, victims and witnesses can make a lot with words and a confident appearance:

  • maintain eye contact.
  • stand upright and surely.
  • Say what worries you - e.g.: "I don't like it when you're looking at me!" Or: "It bothers me how you treat the woman. It is degrading!"
  • Tell them what to do: "Stop it!" Or: "Go elsewhere."
  • Repeat these sentences until the perpetrator moves back.

If you notice threats, thefts or damage, you should behave as follows:

  • stay calm and call for help
  • do not attack, offend or provoke the perpetrator
  • signal the victim your willingness to help
  • act as witness

You can as well find information here in our flyer. (Available in German language only)